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13 Sex Resorts for Nude Vacation of Your Dream

People have a different idea about a perfect vacation. Somebody prefers local areas and the company of family or friends, while others look for sex resort to relax and renew the lost energy. In the last few days, sex vacations are getting more popular with people of all ages and nations. As a result, an astonishing number of swinger hotels appear. They offer visitors a real paradise and an unforgettable experience without any limits.

Experts and other popular personalities admit incredible advantages of naked vacation. The main idea is to find a suitable resort and widen own horizons. If you have never visited such a place, then let me explain to you. It looks like a sex island where adults have the opportunity to be who they really are. They make new acquaintances and explore sex tourism all days and nights long. How do you have sex on vacation? Everything is quite simple. Nobody is going to judge you for your sexual desires. You can try different sex positions with strangers, have a great time and come back home. By the way, it is a nice way to learn something new, for example, Chinese sexual traditions or visit some popular place that you have never seen before. So, if right now you want to arrange an impressive sex vacation, then look at top places that may suit you.

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Where to Have Vacation Nude?

Perhaps you have already heard something about swingers near me. What is a sex vacation called? It is vacation which swingers love.  In fact, all countries have swinger resorts to every taste. The question is – what to choose? Let’s look at the most popular ones.

1.      Desire Riviera Maya Resort

It is one of the most popular sex resorts that is located in Mexico. This place has everything for an unforgettable nude vacation. Married couples, young and inexperienced swingers come here. They can use swimming pools and other special areas for receiving full satisfaction. Among available exercises are naked volleyball on the beach, pole dance classes, etc. Apartments are very comfortable and have a surround-sound system for complete relaxation. You can learn more about provided services on the official website, and discover prices as well.

desire riviera maya resort reviews

2.      Copacabana Hotel & Suits

Sometimes it is not very easy to choose a place for vacation sex as you need to consider a few things but it is not important when it comes to Copacabana. It is because this resort has everything you need to relax and do not worry about any details. First of all, pay attention that Costa Rica is one of the places where prostitution is legal, and people come here from all over the world in search of an unforgettable experience. Therefore, local sex tourism is developed well in this area.  Copacabana sex hotel has plenty of jacuzzis, pools, beaches, and other nice sides. With an all-inclusive package, there are no doubt that you will have an excellent nude holiday.

Copacabana Hotel Costa Rica reviews

3.      Hedonism II Resort

Hedonism ii is an all-inclusive resort that is located in Negril. It is a nice place for swingers vacation with all modern conveniences. You can feel free to make sex in any part of Hedonism ii Jamaica as there are huts for hiding from other people and enjoying each other.  Such a resort will be a true godsend for seek-adventurers. The playroom is especially worth your attention. It looks similar to a spa with the only nuance – people are allowed to make sex here.

Hedonism resorts What to expect

4.      Island House

If you are looking for a swinger resort only for men, then have a look at Island house. It welcomes only gays and provides nice services to meet their needs. You can be everywhere naked except the gym. There are also special places to make new “friends” without feeling shy. By the way, you can visit the website, view sex rooms, and discover more about this resort. Anyway, there is no doubt that you will have a good time here and remember these sexual holidays forever.

Island House Hotel

5.      Luxury Lifestyle Vacations

Even though there are many nude hotels, not all of them can provide high-quality and diverse services like Luxury Lifestyle Vacations. The concept is to rent the whole hotel or ship and impress visitors with stunning pleasure time. Over 50 people work there to satisfy your needs. As a result, you choose the destination and spend a week with stunning views and company. Venice, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Miami are only a few of them. By visiting the official website, you can check the ads and choose the trip that will change your idea about swingers resort forever.

vacations places to visit

6.      Temptation Cancun Resort

It is another great place to visit for vacation sex. The owners promise to provide an excellent experience that you will never forget. For this, hotel xxx has an astonishing playground where grown-ups can relax and chat. Besides, a large pool area is designed for the best vacations for single guys to get laid. If you do not like to sleep and prefer to entertain at night, then you can go to Bash, or visit a local restaurant that is called She.

Temptation Cancun Resort Adults Only 21 5

7.      Liberty Inn

As you can see there are plenty of nudist hotels in the US that provide enormous opportunities for visitors, including hot group parties. But if you look for something more private, then  Liberty Inn is just what you need. All rooms here are created only for two, and you can choose between a romantic and a standard one. Simply put, this destination for wife vacation sex is rather popular for couples.

Liberty Inn NYC Reddit

8.      Rooftop Resort

If you are looking for a swingers resort in Florida, then you surely should pay attention to Rooftop Resort. This option will appeal to people who can’t or do not want to stay for a long time. The establishment is ready to welcome you only for a few days and nights. The atmosphere is gorgeous. Just imagine a large nude rooftop pool that is full of open and easy-going people. Such sexy-themed parties will become a great pastime for you. It should be stated that every day has its own rules. For example, the nude hotel welcomes only females and couples on Fridays, while single men can join the party on Saturdays.

How is Rooftop Resort rated?

9.      Paradise Stream Resort

Are you looking for kinky weekend getaway ideas? Then consider Paradise Stream Resort is a true place to unite your body and soul with another person.  It is not similar to the above-mentioned swinger resorts near me. Here everything is designed in a way you can feel love and passion with all your essence. Some couples choose this place for honeymoon and enjoy every minute here. Numerous bars and other local entertainments including Champagne Tower will make your vacation nude just great.

Paradise Stream suites

10.  Stay & Play in Salinas

This place stands out in the crowd of other sex hotels as it caters to fans of BDSM. In case, you are not interested in erotic hotels, then consider the following option. The erotic gateway allows visitors to explore their sexual fantasies and try things that they have been dreaming about. The place is safe and has everything for reaching your goal. Despite what lifestyle you have, here you can be who you actually are. If such an experience is totally new for you, then you can try available sex toys and other stuff without spending money on it. Mind, that this establishment is great for wife vacation fuck but it doesn’t provide enough security.

 Stay & Play in Salinas ranking

11.  Cypress Cove

All nature-lovers will like this unique place that provides everything for getting romantic orgasm and pleasure. Just imagine a nice surrounding and a person who is ready to share bright moments with you. Tennis, boating, and other activities are waiting for you on local villas. Sand, sun, and other modern conveniences are available in this swinger hotel.

12.  Caliente Club & Resorts

It is not one of the swinger resorts Mexico where you can make sex openly and do not worry about the consequences. Instead, you are welcomed to realize your sexual desires in the spa and get closer with your partner in some hidden place. You need to become a member to get access to provided services on an annual or daily basis. Hence, this resort is a good option in case you do not want to fuck on public and seek a more discreet establishment.

  Caliente Club & Resorts price

13.  Bali au Naturel

Bali is a popular tourism destination these days, and it greatly suits those people who want to know more all about sex. The beachfront destination attracts both singles and couples. But you’d better don’t expect some themed and noisy parties like in any other swinger resort Florida. The idea of the following place is the opposite. It is more suitable for calm rest.

Bali au Naturel prices


Recently, people have discovered impressive news from Love Cloud about sex plane, but in fact, there are more options for sex on vacation. You can go to the official website of any above-mentioned swingers resorts, and discover details to decide whether it is what you really are looking for or not. Mind that despite what option you choose, such a type of vacation requires you to be safe and careful with own health. Enjoy realizing hotwife ideas and have a great time.

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  1. Thanks for the article! I’ve been looking for similar places for a long time, this article helped me find them. I was at the Key West Island House. This place is paradise. The environment you created in IH is unlike any other. A beautiful combination of sensuality and a friendly environment… everything is perfect. It can provide a lot of scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, parasailing, seaplane flights, tours and museums of all kinds and, of course, an amazing nightlife! In addition to many excellent restaurants, historic seaside bars and wine cellars, there are several hot gay bars to choose from. Now I plan to visit other resorts mentioned in the article.

  2. Well, I read it and I was very pleasantly surprised – how nice it is that there are places in the world where, if not everything, then almost everything is possible – in terms of sexual pleasures with a loved one! Indeed, sometimes you just want to retire, and not just swim in the sea and admire nature. Well, of course, when you indulge in these pleasures in such heavenly places as are described in the article. Respect for the sensible review and for the wonderful photos!

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