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Sex Festivals—Best Events Worldwide That Celebrate Sex Culture

Are you planning to head out into the unforgettable sex venture? Then you will certainly need to learn more about sex festivals. Such events provide an exclusive opportunity to explore kinky ways to express your desires. Moreover, you can discover new sex cultures in different spots of the world. Study the list of the wildest and the most outstanding sex festivals to get inspired for your next vacation. 

What Happens in a Sex Festival?

Depending on the sex festival of your choice, you can achieve different experiences. From kinky adventures in leather outfits to open-air sex — you will definitely bring your sex life to the heights once you visit one of the adult festivals. Based on the 2016 statistics, the male audience (54,7%) prevails over the female visitors (45,3%) at such events. Nevertheless, those who want to find a temporary rave bae in the crowd usually accomplish their goals.  

Typically, each sex fest consists of a series of workshops. Some of them imply discussing dedicated topics and sharing sexual experiences. Other workshops are devoted to physical interaction. They provide unique chances to practice approaches and techniques to bring your intimate life to the notch. There are sex festivals that are both interesting and anxious to explore. 

Can You Have Sex on Festival?

Every aspiring public sex festival goer wonders whether it is possible to make physical sex on an event. It may be rather weird for newcomers, but you will quickly get used to the naughty atmosphere of the event. Once you are there, you will be surrounded by a special vibe that will engage you to explore all boundaries of your sexual creativity. 

Suffice it to say, finding a perfect place for intercourse may seem a real challenge, but the truth is that people do it virtually everywhere. You may have sex at concerts or on the ground. Just choose the most suitable place that arouses the right emotions and don’t forget about safety. You can also explore 25 sex positions for the best sexual intercourse ever. Such information will certainly come in handy in your next venture. 

Here are also some statistics from the TickPick which will help you to have a deeper insight into how many sex events participants actually have sex.

  1. 32% of people have already had sexual contact with strangers. 
  2. 12% of respondents have enjoyed mutual masturbation and 10% tried anal sex. 
  3. The most popular place for coupling is a car.
  4. 45% of respondents are ready to hook up with an unvaccinated person. 

Best Sex Festivals You Will Remember

Choosing the most suitable worlds craziest adult only festival may be rather complicated.  For you not to go through the selection process on your own, we’ve compiled the most popular events you can celebrate your sex journey to the fullest. 

Love Parade 

Love Parade is one of the most promoted and visited sex festivals in Europe which takes place in Berlin. It is organized in the form of a giant disco with a huge crowd of people who have absolutely different interests and belong to various sex cultures. Aside from straight couples, you can meet many gays, lesbians, freaks, and one-night stands admirers. Heterosexuals who are indifferent to dirty dances can safely ignore this event.

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Folsom Street Fair 

Folsom Street Fair is considered to be one of the most recognizable BDSM festivals. It is an annual gathering of BDSM lovers, fetishists, and other sex gourmets of various categories. This is a real golden shower of the sex joys. Those who have not found someone to practice their fantasies can visit this sex festival United States. Here you can find a partner who will match all your naughty desires. Folsom Street Fair will allow you to discover new sexual adventures, so you will definitely make the most out of your vacation. 

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Open-Air Swingers Festival 

This porn festival represents the biggest orgy in Great Britain. Open-air swingers festival is often associated with music, horny people, and dirty dances. As a participant, you can enjoy three days of BDSM adventures, sexual experiments, and unforgettable orgasms. This event will be suitable for those who can’t imagine their lives without tight black leather and latex. The scope of this event is smaller than sex festivals in USA 2018, but it allows you to completely immerse yourself into non-standard sex. Besides, it is possible to take advantage of a themed art exhibition, so this fest is definitely worth visiting. 

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Kutemajrvi Sex Festival

If you are all about bringing your sex skills to the next level, then you will certainly need to visit this erotic festival. Kutemajrvi is considered the most intellectual sex fest in the world. It takes place in Finland, so you will have an opportunity to take a deep dive into a unique culture. Aside from watching candid shows, the participants can bring the weirdest sexual fantasies to life. Another distinctive feature of this fest is that you can attend lectures given by professionals on various aspects of sexuality. For example, you can learn more about words to make her wet and hot for you easily, which is a great opportunity to boost your sexual life. Besides, it is possible to make the most out of presentations of new sex products.

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Kinky Copenhagen

Whatever kind of sex you’re dreaming of, you’ll find it in Copenhagen. Visiting the Danish capital during this sex event is the dream of anyone whose sexual addictions go beyond the usual limits. Imagine a conference about computers, where instead of flash drives, mice and keyboards there are dildos, vibrators, and whips made of leather and latex. At Kinky Copenhagen, people openly talk about what others dare to try only in a dark closed basement. If you are a fan of sex in uniform and different toys and devices, feel free to visit this event. 

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Kanamara Matsuri

If you are all about plunging into the world of Japanese sex culture, Kanamara Matsuri is a wise option to visit. It is one of the most popular Japanese sex festivals which takes place annually. Usually, over 30,000 attend this event to share their sex interests and open new boundaries of their fantasies. While the fest may seem obscene and a little vulgar, the main goal of Kanamara Matsuri is to pray for fertility, healthy childbirth, and safe sex. All funds raised during the event are contributed to supporting HIV and AIDS research.

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Hot d’Or

Think Cannes comes alive only during the Cannes Film Festival? In May, an alternative festival of filmmakers takes place here. It is considered to be a real “Oscar” of pornography. For several days, the French Riviera is owned by the figures of this branch of cinema: sultry beauties of porn stars do not hesitate to demonstrate the creations of the best plastic surgeons and the sexual fantasies of millions. Once you visit this event, you will hardly have festival public sex, but you will discover a lot of new things concerning your sex adventures.  

International Erotic Film Festival

If you visit Barcelona in September, give this festival a try. Although this event is less upscale than its Cannes counterpart, it will definitely amaze you with its perks, events, and offers. The mission of the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival is to break the taboos associated with pornography and the use of sex products. Yes, erotic films are also constantly shown here and porn stars interact with the audience to discuss their works. Besides, you can take advantage by visiting such events as a lingerie show and sex devices fair.

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Final Word: Are Sex Festivals Worth Visiting?

If you are all about raves, new experiments, sex at festival, and kinky adventures, you can significantly spice up your everyday routine by visiting one of the above-mentioned events. All of them are different in terms of organization, but they have a common idea — to connect like-minded naughty pleasure-seekers and deliver unique experiences. 

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