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Mutual Masturbation—Why Is Handjob Beneficial for Your Relationships?

If you are craving a feeling of novelty in your sexual state of affairs, mutual masturbation is a perfect way to jazz up your intimacy. Moreover, it can be rather beneficial for your relationships since therefore you can show trust to your partner. The mutual masturbation orgasms will allow you to bring your relationships to new heights. Scroll down to learn all the reasons you should incorporate this activity into your naughty routine and how to better satisfy your partner.   

What Is Mutual Masturbation?—The Concept Outlined 

Mutual masturbation is when the partners use their hands or dedicated tools to stimulate each other’s genitals and reach a climax. This sexual activity doesn’t assume penetration or oral stimulation. Both partners should use their hands to deliver the pleasure that will result in an orgasm at the end of the session. 

More and more couples incorporate porn mutual masturbation into their lives to experiment with new sensations and achieve new experiences. Based on Statista, 57.5% of men have masturbated with someone else in their lifetime. Another survey shows that 34.9% of women have already tried mutual wanking. Some people consider a handjob as foreplay before penetrative intercourse while others do it as a separate intimate activity. 

Regardless of your sexual goals, mutual masturbation xxx can be rather advantageous for your intimate life and relationships in general. Those who tried it once, try to please their partners with gentle touches each time they are coupling. If you are still hesitating whether to involve this sexual activity in your sexy gameplays, you should definitely learn the most popular reasons to try it.   

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6 Reasons to Take Advantage of Mutual Handjob

Whether you want to try mutual public masturbation or please your partner at home, you should certainly do it without any excuses. Unlike ordinary sex, a handjob allows you to control the sensations of your sweetheart, delay the orgasm, and make it softer or harder. With mutual masturbation porn, you can open absolutely new prospects for your intimate life. The following motivations to do the hand job together will give you an additional dose of inspiration. By achieving new sex goals, you will surely feel more confident as a lover.

Learn all erogenous zones of your partner

During the process of mutual masturbation, you will see what your partner prefers. Most probably, you have never teased your sweetheart like this before. For example, men can find out how their partner likes to play with the clitoris and whether she likes hard thrusts for penetration or something softer. By learning the most sensitive intimate areas of your partner, you will have a higher chance to deliver extraordinary pleasure. 

In any case, it will definitely give you ideas on how to spice up your sex life and satisfy the kinkiest desires of your significant other. In case you use standing mutual masturbation as foreplay, you can consider 25 sex positions for the best sexual intercourse ever to continue your sexcapades. Therefore, you can drastically kickstart your sizzling journey and hone your sex skills. 

Ability to try different sex toys

Whether you are going to try physical or online mutual masturbation, it is a perfect way to try different sex toys. If you have not practiced this in your intimate life yet, then this is what can become a smooth transition to using them during sex. The choice of sex toys depends only on your preferences. In case you are engaged in some sex fetiches, feel free to incorporate the most suitable sex toys for your sessions. 

There are different tools that will allow your partner to experience unforgettable moments during your intimacy. Once you will watch how your partner delivers pleasure to themselves you will become more than horny. Almost everyone is engaged in masturbation, so there should not be any particular difficulties in this matter, because it is in human nature to experience something new and diversify your sex life. Fortunately, the modern market incorporates numerous toys to help you with that.

Appetizer to the main action

You can use fingering and handjobs as a main sexual activity or as a part of it. In the latter case, it is advisable not to allow both partners to reach a climax since they will proceed with the main action. Once you masturbate to each other’s genitals, you will become super aroused, which contributes to a more exciting penetration process. You can use masturbation as a warm-up or change the activities to experiment with sensations. 

Ease of getting an orgasm

Who, if not you, knows your body? During the penetrative sex, both partners may experience awkward moments that prevent them from getting an orgasm. During sexual intercourse, many additional psychophysical factors are involved. If partners skip some important aspect during the action, they may fail with reaching orgasms. 

Once you mutual masturbate, everything is much easier. You stimulate a particular erogenous zone of your partner until the very climax. It is also possible to complement the action with pussy eating and blowjobs. However, in this case, you proceed to oral sex, which requires a special approach. 

Intimate life diversity 

Different mutual masturbation positions allow you to drastically spice up your sexual life, especially if you are involved in long-lasting relationships. Fingering and handjobs are forms of sex. Is it penetrative or oral sex? No, obviously not. But if you use the same sex approaches all the time, you can get bored sooner or later, even if you are an infantile person. Of course, you can change positions and this can help diversify your intimate state of affairs. Probably, the most effective way is to masturbate together. You won’t know how it will change your relationships until you try.

No need for contraceptives

If you are in the mood but there are no contraceptives at hand, the mutual masturbation porn activity is the best way out. There is no need to delay your satisfaction when you hand can do the necessary job. Aside from achieving new sensations, you can get closer by discovering new preferences and sexual desires of your partner. In this case, your favorite toys and lubricants will come in handy. 

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Top Mutual Masturbation Instructions and Tips 

To improve your mutual masturbation online or physical interaction, you can use some tips and hacks. Therefore, you can master your sex activity and get the most out of your intimate relationships. 

  • Get inspired by mutual masturbation sex videos. If you have no idea what to start with, surf the web and find exciting mutual masturbation videos. Therefore, you can let your imagination run wild and explore new boundaries of your creativity while teasing your sweetheart. 
  • Establish eye contact. Gazing into your partner’s eyes during the moment they get to a climax is not just an intimate moment, it’s a powerful bonding experience. The same applies to masturbation. It may result in a deeper connection, which will improve your intimacy even more.
  • Talk to your partner. You can ask your partner to perform some commands to transform your sexual activity into a game. Ask your lover to go faster, slow down, apply more pressure, or touch another part of the body. There is an unlimited number of sex commands that you can use while masturbating. Get creative.
  • Try virtual mutual masturbation. If you are involved in long-distance relationships, you can use video means of communication to have sex. If you live far from each other, it doesn’t mean you won’t have intimacy. Choose the time when both of you are alone and in the mood and showcase your naughtiest intentions toward your partner. 
  • Listen to body language. If you do a handjob for your partner, you will need to recognize the body signs. Thus, you can adjust your movements and go harder or softer, if necessary. By listening to your partner’s body language, you can dramatically improve your intimate sessions. 
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Best Poses for Masturbation

To get the most out of the process, it is important to do it in a comfortable position. There are numerous mutual masturbation sites that depict poses for fingering and handjobs. We’ve picked the most effective ones to bring your session to the notch. Learn the time-tested and millions of people options that are equally suitable for women and men.

  1. On the back

Lie on your back, bend your knees and reach your hand towards your genitals. Thus, you take the starting position. Now add a lubricant so that your fingers or hand glides smoother, and the fingers penetrate the most intimate points more easily. Use a bit of imagination, and more energetic movements and both of you will reach the climax without any hassle. If you decide to use a vibrator, choose a toy with a downward curved head. This shape simplifies access to the most sensitive intimate areas.

  1. Sitting position

Sit up straight, spread your knees — the wider the better. In this position, it is convenient to masturbate at the table, on the bed in front of the mirror (by the way, watching your partner doing a handjob can result in the strongest excitement). By the way, this pose is also suitable for seniors mutual masturbation.

  1. On the stomach

Lie on your back and lower your hand to reach the genitals. This position is convenient for girls as it allows them to effectively stimulate the clitoris and insert fingers into the vagina. A man can wrap his hand around a penis. Then, when moving his hips, the sensations will be similar to those that occur during traditional penetrative sex with a partner. Place a pillow under your hips to increase the exciting pressure on the clitoris or penis.

Summing up

Mutual masturbation may be as exciting and enjoyable as traditional sexual intercourse. You can apply different techniques, change poses and experiment with movements and additional tools. Mutual teasings with hands contribute a lot to relationships. They allow you to better learn the preferences of your partner and demonstrate yours. Incorporate a handjob into your sex activity list and make the most out of your experience. 

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