Sex in Shower Positions

Best Sex In Shower Positions To Kickstart Your Sizzling Journey

If you have ever experienced intimacy with your partner in the shower, you know that the wet sex session may leave much to be desired. The true reality is that getting raunchy in the shower may cause unpredictable feelings and uncomfortable sensations. Even though the shower is voted the second most popular sex destination (based on the Quora digests), partners may face numerous glitches that may prevent making the most out of their experience. This is where practical sex in shower positions will come on stage. Our experts have compiled the best sex positions in the shower that may fit both male and female representatives. Choose the most suitable sex poses and good luck in your next session. 

Reasons to Get Involved In Shower Sex

If you have never tried sex in the shower, you will certainly need to familiarize yourself with the reasons to experience new emotions and sensations while water is flowing. 

  1. Shower sex can embrace absolutely new sensations in partners because it delivers a sense of urgency. Who doesn’t like quick sex?
  2. It is a great way to spice up your intimate life and refresh your relationship with a partner. 
  3. Intimacy in the shower gives you a unique opportunity to explore the body of your partner even more. 
  4. It is a huge turn-on to see your partner naked and wet. Moreover, water promotes a higher level of relaxation and sensuality. 
  5. There is no need to worry about hygiene since partners can wash each other just before the action. 

Sex In Shower Positions to Boost Your Slutty Ventures

Best Sex In Shower Positions

Ready to embark on this holistic journey of wet sex? Then it is just time to check out these sex positions to do in the shower from team. Once you have these tips at hand, you will certainly boost your intimacy and make your sessions even more vibrant. It is also possible to try several positions during intercourse to have an unforgettable experience while being wet and horny. 

Standing position 

One of the most popular sex positions in shower is when a man stands and a woman leans forward. It allows for reaching the female G-spot and reaching orgasm in both partners more effectively. To achieve better support, a man can touch the shower wall — it will give more stability and comfort when the action starts. Make sure you and your partner are standing firmly on the mat to prevent gliding. Thus, you can be sure that you avoid uncomfortable and painful sensations during the penetration. Once a female leans into the wall, the male should enter her from behind. Finding a balance is the cornerstone of success in this position, so feel free to experiment. 

Sitting position 

If you want to explode with pleasant sensations, make sure you have a specifically-designed seat shelf in your shower. Avoid bringing an office or kitchen chair in the shower since they may slide and you can end up hurting yourself and your partner. This shower position implies a woman being on top. A male partner should sit comfortably and fix his feet on the floor. A female partner should face away and sit on top. Depending on your stability and physical attributes, it is possible to adjust the way a woman spreads her legs. This position is also great for mutual masturbation, though a woman should put some effort into reaching the penis of her partner. Also, it is possible to fine-tune the angle of leaning in a female to play around with sensations. 

Face to face while sitting

Reasons to Get Involved In Shower Sex

If you are an admirer of sitting sex positions in the shower, this one might be the best fit for you. Again, you will need a specifically-designed shower seat to embody all your kinky desires into life. A female partner should face forward and sit on top. It is necessary to put the woman’s knees on the bench to ensure safe penetration. To achieve better stability, a lady can brace the wall. In case the session is quite long and there are some painful sensations in the female’s knees, it is possible to put the legs behind the male partner’s back. It is still necessary to consider stability to make the movements smooth and pleasurable. 

Upstanding position while man is holding his partner

If a male partner has enough power in his hands to hold his lady, this position may bring a rich gamut of emotions. Nevertheless, both partners may be relatively athletic to do everything properly. Don’t consider this position as the main in your session — it is better to leave it for the finale stage and climax. To get an appropriate balance, a male partner should press his back against the wall to enter a woman from the front. A lady should wrap her legs around her partner’s waist while a man can hold her hips or butt. This position allows for deeper penetration, so it is necessary to make sure a lady is comfortable with it. 

Ballet dancer

sex positions

There aren’t any set-in-stone rules for shower sex, so why not pretend you are ballet dancers? Even though it is one of the funniest sex in shower positions, it might be one of the most efficient ones. While both partners are standing face-to-face, a woman should bring her leg up and slightly bend it. Meanwhile, it is advisable to have extra support for a leg for better control. It might be a wall or a shelf — just explore your shower cabin to find something suitable. It is possible to fine-tune the angle to increase or decrease the stimulation. You can adjust the water flow so that it falls on the female’s back to make the experience even more vivid for a woman. 

Sitting down on the shower floor

Sitting down on the floor is probably one of the best sex positions in the shower. The best thing about this position is that you will hardly fall when you are already on the floor. Start with adjusting the shower head. Rather than hitting your faces, it should be directed at your bodies. The male partner should sit on the floor and fix his hands to achieve stability. A woman is at the top and leading position. It is necessary for a lady to scooch her hips so that she feels comfortable. The penetration will be from the back. 

A woman is lying on the shower tube

If you are lucky enough to have a shower tube, this will be your go-to sex position by far. The bragging point of this option is that you can fix the difference in height between a man and a woman. It promotes smoother entering and flexible movements. A female partner should prop herself on the tube and spread her legs. A male partner can hold the hips of his lady for better stability. Experiment with the depth of penetration to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Sex Positions in the Shower—Tips to Enhance the Experience

 jazz up your intimate routine

Learn these tips to make your sessions even better. Being armed with this info, you will make your intercourse kinkier and safer. 

  • Talk about the essential things beforehand. Starting from the water temperature and ending with protection measures — you will need to discuss each aspect to the tiniest detail.
  • Get a non-slip shower mat. Therefore, you will protect yourself and your partner from accidental falls and make the process more comfortable. If you can’t get a mat, make sure you have both shoes. 
  • Put all bottles in the proper places. The last thing you want is to deal with shampoo bottles during the action. Make sure you have only the most essential things in the shower cabin. 
  • Make sure you have water-based lube. It is better not to take oils with you since they may appear not so effective while being mixed with water. Nevertheless, lube will certainly come in handy during the session. 
  • Adjust the shower head. Make sure the water flow is directed at your back, chest, or other parts of the body instead of your face. Moreover, the water flow shouldn’t hit the genitals since it will remove the lube. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to jazz up your intimate routine, it is just time to go to the shower and play with your partner. Nevertheless, sex in the shower requires preparation and appropriate poses to apply. Being familiar with effective yet safe sex in shower positions may drastically boost your naughty ventures. Carefully study the tips above and you will certainly take full advantage of your next sex session. 

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