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Having Sex in Public – Get Explosive Orgasm Easily

Some people have already tried having sex in public while others are only thinking about experiencing a more explosive orgasm. It is a great option for partners who are bored with their bedroom routine and want to widen their own horizons. In case you are inspired by a video of couple having sex in public and want to realize similar ideas, then you should start with basic rules and recommendations. Remember that the risks to be caught are quite high. Moreover, these may be people who know you well. Weigh all pros and cons before going on.


  • Having sex in public places is called the best way to spice up your intimate life and keep the fire with your partner.
  • You can realize all fantasies that have been in your head for a long time.
  • It is a great way to reveal the individuality of your partner better.


  • You may have problems with the law if you get caught having sex in public.
  • Your friends and relatives may find out about your passion.
  • You may get into an awkward situation and bring discomfort to other people.
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Is Having Sex in Public a Crime?

Based on a Statista report, over 45% of men had sex in a public place during a lifetime. There are plenty of real people caught having sex in public. But wait: is having sex in public illegal? In some countries, it is forbidden and is even punished by the government. That’s why you are highly recommended to learn all related details. Otherwise, you risk getting a spoiled sex experience and incredible problems with law. Start with having sex in public porn, and in case you feel like getting the same experience, feel free to explore popular ideas.

Top Ideas for Having Sex in Public

The most important thing about having sex in public places is a choice of location. It may be a local park, beach, or any other spot. Once you are caught having sex in public, you might experience an endorphin boost that leads to an incredible orgasm. Here are a few great ideas for selecting a good location.

In an elevator

Men and women having sex in public have a lot of options to try. The elevator is one of the riskiest places to be caught. Mind that people can see you easily, so it is better to choose early morning or late evening when the traffic is not big as usual. If you are going to have sex in the elevator of your building, then get ready so that some of your fellows can also see you are fucking with your partner. 

In a car

Cars have always been one of the traditional options for having sex in public. If you want to try it as well, then choose a quiet spot with an empty parking place. Mind to lock the doors in case someone is eager to interrupt your intercourse. Stay away from large lightning sources. By choosing a car, you should not worry about the police. Usually, cops just ask people to look for another place and have sex there.

can you go to jail for having sex in public

At the beach

Recently we have discussed the best nude beaches which are worth visiting. You can start with them if you would like to have sex at the beach. Remember to take a blanket to make the process as comfortable as it is possible. Or, you can explore a list of sex positions and prefer standing sex to missionary intercourse. Anyway, sex at the beach can be both romantic and intense.

can you get arrested for having sex in public

At the concert

Most people may take this idea as a very exciting option to try. Usually, concerts and sex festivals are crowded, and everybody is cheerful. Comfortable clothes and the absence of underwear may let you have an amazing experience even with plenty of people around you. But mind making sure that nobody can see you well as you do not know for sure a possible reaction of a particular person. What happens if you get caught having sex in public? The person may call the police or just say something unpleasant to spoil your intercourse. 

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On a plane

Airplane is one of the popular places where people having sex in public. It should be stated that intercourse on a plane will not be the most comfortable in your life. If you are lucky to take a position with minimal discomfort, then you are a lucky person for sure. Anyway, in case you dream about having sex in public meaning increased adrenaline, then you should try it. Avoid being caught by the staff. It is also important to leave a toilet separately not to let other passengers build any fantasies about you and your partner. 

At the cinema

If you are not afraid of missing an important movie scene, then having sex at the cinema is a nice idea to consider. It is better to choose seats ar the hall back to save a distance from other visitors.Loud sounds can help you hide your screams and moans during a sexual intercourse. Moreover, popcorn bowls are a great option to keep your blowjobs far away from other people’s eyes.

sex at the cinema

In the fitting rooms

Aren’t you afraid of getting caught having sex in public? Then do not miss your chance to try sex while doing shopping. A fitting room is one of the riskiest places. So, here people get caught having sex in public often. However, if you lack adrenaline, and want to increase your endorphin amount, then ask your partner to help you choose the better outfit in a fitting room. Try to keep as silent as it is possible to avoid people checking what is going on. 

Let’s Recap

It should be mentioned that not everybody feels okay about having sex in public xxx. Therefore, first of all, you should discuss this issue with your partner and find out their attitude. If both of you are ready and do not think that having sex in public is a crime, then choose any of discussed ideas and start your sex adventures. Mind that other people are not obliged to hear your moans or see your genitals, so do everything as discreetly as possible.


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  2. My boyfriend and I like having sex in public. We have already tried so many things so need to look for new ideas all the time. I will show this list to him and we will choose what to do next. Thanks once again.

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