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25 Sex Positions for the Best Sexual Intercourse Ever

Do you want to change things and get rid of the bedroom routine quickly? At last, you get such an opportunity. Today we are going to reveal top sex positions that will help you reach this goal. Mind that sex is not only great for your immune system and health in general. You will also have better sex if your health is good. Simply put, these two things are interconnected. Different sexual positions and regular practice will play into your hands in every possible way. Never mind if you are stuck in Missionary right now.  With our list of the best sexual positions, you can fresh up things for sure. Mind instructions, and extra explanation on every sexual position to succeed. Pick up an enthusiastic partner and start your best experience ever.

Reasons to Consider Different Sex Positions

Perhaps everybody already knows how important sex is, so there is no sense to discuss it all over again. Original Investigation states that exactly sexual health and satisfaction have a great impact on overall health.  Just recall Kama Sutra that starts in the ancient world and is popular till now.  Having an active sex life with plenty of sexual positions will be very advantageous for your health. Actually, a list of benefits is very long, but the very common ones are:

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  • Increased immunoglobulin A
  • Blood pressure gets more resistant to stress
  • Reduced risks of heart disease
  • Low death rate
  • Improved kip quality

All in all, sexual positions for couples are a great way to have fun, satisfaction, and boost health quality. But let’s face the truth. Most of us often feel too tired, busy, or sad to have good-quality sex. Sometimes the reason for it is that the partners feel bored. It doesn’t matter whether you look for extra recommendations on sexual positions for beginners or you want to boost your experience for sex tourism destinations. If you are ready to open your mind, then let’s find out the top 40 positions for intercourse, and start changing your life right now!

5 Great Sexual Positions for Quick Woman’s Climax

Just think, you can present so many incredible moments to your woman. Don’t know how to make women squirt? These sexy sexpositions will surely help you:

1. Reverse cowgirl twist

This is a popular way to bring your woman to so expected orgasm. Ask your partner to take a position and ensure that she put her legs together and has knees close as well.  Do not hurry and let her understand how to keep a balance. It may take some time. But after all, you will enhance inner stimulation and heighten all woman’s sensations.

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2. Thigh master

If your partner doesn’t usually reach orgasm easily, then you should try this option before going to the rest sex poses. It frees your hands so that you can roam her body. G-spot access is close to you and her vulva has a great position as well. So, lie on your back, bend your legs and separate them a little bit. Ask her to hold her knees and use them as support.

3. Nirvana

Do you prefer easy sexual positions?  Nirvana fully meets your tastes then. The woman should lay on her back, arm stretched out, and legs closed together. As for you, you need to take a top position, legs outside of her legs. Be slow and avoid too intense movements. Finally, enjoy deep penetration and total relaxation.

4. Shard

This is another great option among positions for intercourse. Lift woman’s legs into the air, and place her ankles on the shoulders.  You can get an even better angle by placing a pillow under her lower back. It would be great if the woman push her thighs and squeeze pelvic floor muscles. This way, she can control the intensity.

5. G-Whizz

G-Whizz is not one of the new sex positions as it has a lot in common with the above-discussed options.  The legs and the body of your woman should form L-shape. This way, you will narrow your partner’s vagina, get closer to G-spot, and boost penetration. Moreover, the upright position allows you to stimulate erogenous zones using your hands.

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5 Easy Sex Positions for a Long Intercourse

Do you suffer from a quick ending and want to prolong sexual intercourse, then consider these simple sex positions and enjoy the process to the fullest:

1. Cross

A list of different sex positions includes Cross. To realize it, you should lie on the side and ask the partner to lay on the back.  Make sure she is perpendicular to you, while legs are draped over the pelvis. This way, you can fully control the overall situation and adjust your moves.

2. X position

Seek for sec positions that help you postpone climax and enjoy the process? This option is just great. Go to your bed, and lie so that you can see each other. Your legs must be stretched out.  Next, move to each other, making a contact. All in all, her left leg should be on your right, while her right leg should be on your left. This way, you form X. Move until you are as close to each other as possible.

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3. Spooning

You can achieve a longer last thanks to a shallow penetration angle. For this, you both should lay on the sides, and look in the same direction. Your pelvis must be lower than a woman’s but not too much. This best sex position lets you move slower, and avoid intense penetration. As a result, you can enjoy long sexual intercourse.

4. Lotus

Perhaps you have seen this pose in yoga practice. But now you are going to try it in your bedroom. First of all, sit and put your legs either straight or cross them. Then ask the girl to go on top and place her hands around your neck and legs around your back. Be ready to hear that she doesn’t feel enough comfortable. But after all, this option stands out from other sex positions and is worth trying. The reason is evident. It allows deeper penetration, slow movement, and total satisfaction in the long run.

position sex

5. On Top

In case you are looking for the best positions to let the woman be as active as possible, then consider this one. You need to put a pillow under your head and lay on the back.  Ask the partner to focus all her weight on elbows so that she can move back and forth with her hips. This way you make the movements not very tense and make the penetration angle shallower. As for the woman, she is more likely to hit the G-spot.

5 New and Best Sex Positions in 2022

If you are open to experiments and want to try new sexpositions, then these are top options to try in 2022:

1.      Peg

 This is a new vision on a classic position from Kamasutra. To realize it, you need to lay on the side and place her head at the feet. The woman’s legs should be around yours.  Ask the partner to hold your ankles. This way, she will get support. In case you want to enjoy more control, then pull the woman lower back to you. Mind that this sex position allows deep penetration and full relaxation.

2.      Pretzel

styles in bed with pictures pdf

 The position is similar to doggy-style but gets a new vision. You see your partner’s face while she is lying on her left side. Place her right hand around your waist from the right side. Use all power in your hands. Take advantage of your fingers and look at how all your partner’s body responds to your movements.

3.      Raise the roof

Ask your partner to lie on the back and raise her hips up. If she gets tired, you can place a pillow under her back. If you both want the intercourse, be more intense, then put your hands on the woman’s hips. Let the partner control depth so that you both feel comfortable. As for you, speed and thrust will be in your control. Raise the roof position allows a better clitoris stimulation.

4.      Snow angel

snow angel sex pose

This sex pose may seem to be quite challenging for you at first, but after all, it is a lot of fun. The girl should lie on her back, and you should be straddling her facing away. The partner is going to guide you with help of her legs around your back. In case you feel some discomfort, then it is recommended to use a pillow, or change the place. Once you master sex moves, you and your partner will get a lot of joy and pleasure.

5.      Spider

Spider is one of the popular positions for intercourse. To practice it, you should go to your bed and sit facing each other. You should try to get as close as possible but with legs stretched out. Ask the girl to bend her feet, while placing the feet on another side of your body. This position will suit those couple that wants to slow down and practice better clitoral stimulation. Moreover, it will let to stimulate the nerve endings of your penis head.

5 Traditional Sexy Positions

In case you do not want to have any experiments with 101 sexual positions and prefer traditional options, this section is right for you. Here you can find basic sexual positions that will surely appeal to you and let you have a hot night:

sex styles

1.      Missionary

Don’t jump to conclusions and be sure that even this pose can be a little bit extraordinary. You just need to take a position that is a few inches higher. This way, you will be able to grind your pelvis skyward. As a result, you hit the woman’s vagina back, promoting her orgasm and providing enormous satisfaction for yourself.

2.      Doggy style

How do you make a woman squirt? Try a modified doggy-style position. It doesn’t require a lot of flexibility while allowing you both to feel fully satisfied. Look around and explore your environment. Perhaps there is a bed or something else to use to kneel. Take a comfortable position and slide in behind your partner.

doggy style

3.      Legs over shoulders

Making love positions lets you feel special. This one is simple and doesn’t require long explanations. You should be on top, while your partner’s legs are on your shoulders. In case you are interested in great sexual positions, you can take a vibrator. Remember that most ladies require clitoral stimulation.  Hence, a vibrator is a superb option not just to drive her crazy but impress her for a long time.


4.      Flatiron

If you are looking for easy sex positions, then this is right what you need. Ask the woman to lie on the bed with her face turning back from you. You can place a few pillows under her pelvis to reach incredible satisfaction. It would be nice if the woman closes her legs and lifts them up.  Such a trick will provide a better intensity for you. Flatiron sex pose lets you enjoy maximum pleasure, also thanks to clitoris stimulation.

5.      Cowgirl’s helper

Perhaps you remember a cowgirl set-up. You are going to use its concept but change it a little bit.  Bend your knees and grab her hips so that she keeps stable. Perhaps the woman will not like this idea first but after all, she will get climax easier, and surely unforgettable.

5 Positions for Making a Woman Squirt

At last, we are going to list sex techniques and positions that will help your woman reach multiple orgasms. Choose positions to try and enjoy the result.  Please your partner and have a great time.

1.      Sideways scissors

Make sure that your woman will experience the best orgasm in her life. Mind that you should be perpendicular to each other. The woman must be on her back while you are facing her on own side. Put her leg between yours, and pick the second one on your hips. Do not hurry and thrust slowly. If you are wondering why this position is worth trying, then here is the answer. Besides completely controlled penetration, you apply extra pressure on her vulva and stimulate the clitoris. All this results in a fantastic orgasm.  

favourite sex positions

2.      Sit and straddle

Perhaps you have tried such adult sexual positions but let’s consider minor details which have incredible meaning. Sit down and have the woman straddle so that you face each other. Your partner gets complete control of angle, speed, and motion. Thus, a grand game is guaranteed. You can go further and provide intense internal stimulation.  Lean back slightly, and mind to reach nipples as they are one of the main woman’s erogenous zones.

3.      Joystick joyride

Intercourse positions for multiple orgasms will make you feel like a true champion. Try joystick joyride to check this.  Put woman’s legs on your shoulders. Keep hold of her hips but make sure that she has the right balance. Thanks to access to woman’s erogenous zones, you are more likely to hit G-spot.

4.      Table

You can ask the woman to lay back on the table or bed, as she wishes. Her ass should be close to the edge. You should take a position that will allow you to hold her tips. For extra control, feel free to bring her ankles to your shoulders. A table position is one of the sexual positions men love because it frees hands and allows clitoris stimulation.

5.      Sensual spoon

This top sex position allows the woman to reach multiple orgasms thanks to a combination of a few positions. Sensual spoon includes features of doggy style, spooning, and keeping your hands free.  It means you can do other manipulation and enjoy intercourse for 100%.

Summing – up

It is useless to deny the importance of sex in a person’s life. With sexual intercourse positions, you can diversify your experience, and widen your horizons. We are hoping that these top sexual poses will help you reach your goal, and improve your sexual life. Mind that sex tourism provides you with the opportunity to realize all your hidden dreams. Choose the destination, explore new areas, and practice positions to spice up your love life.

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  2. I’ve been married for almost 5 years and I’m very tired of my husband and I the same type and boring sex. sometimes you want variety, but you don’t know and don’t know how to do a lot. I looked at all the poses in this article and I will say that they are very attractive, my husband and I have already tried a couple and were satisfied. I hope that our sex will now be as hot as before

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