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Love Cloud Presented Sex Plane for the Hottest Adventures

If you are an adventure-seeker, then perhaps you are interested in sex tourism or even visited some of the popular destinations.  It is a great way to make your daily sex life more colorful and exciting. If you do not like the idea of sex in public places, then you can try a great alternative. Recently, U.S. private airlines presented a sex plane for hot adventures. Choosing it, you shouldn’t worry that someone will catch you during sex intercourse.

What Does Sex Plane Offer?

When you examined every corner of your apartment with your partner, and look for some unique places to do sex, one thing comes to mind. Sex plane is a great option for couples who want to spice up their life but still prefer to hide from other people. Now, there are no limits to your imagination. Love Cloud knows how you can diversify your intimate life. There is no need to do sex in a tiny plane toilet.  If you do not care about the destination, then this offer will surely appeal to you.

The American company will fly you over Las Vegas, and back just for $995. If it is not enough for you, then you can pay $1.495 and prolong the flight to an hour and a half. The plane has space enough for 6 guests. Once you enter it, you will see a twin-size bed with a sex pillow and red satin sheets.  The pillow will allow you to enjoy different sex positions and do not worry about penetration. But be ready that you can’t enjoy all this stuff at once. First, you should wait until the plane moves upwards in the armchairs. Only later, the pilot will let you start. By the way, the company promises that a pilot will not hear anything thanks to the wall and headphones.  The pilot Anthony confirms that he knows what the passengers are doing in the plane, but he can’t leave his cockpit. Therefore, you can completely enjoy the process and relax 100%. 

Private Plane vs. Public Flights

Let’s face the truth. Not everyone is ready to spend a thousand dollars on a flight that lasts an hour to make sex. As a result, people are wondering whether public flights can be a good alternative to a private sex plane. Let’s find it out. First of all, look at a summary on sex in a plane that is full of other people:

  • You risk getting a slap from passengers as not everyone will like such an idea
  • There is a little space in the toilet, so making love will not be very convenient
  • You can try only a few sex positions due to lack of room
  • The clothes are not always suitable for quick penetration
  •  You have a limited time

As for the private sex plane from Love Cloud, you will not face the same difficulties. There are only two of you, or passengers who you invite, and know about your plans. You also have more time and space to try any sex positions that you have been dreaming about. The advantages are evident. Hence, if you have enough money and do not want to involve other people in your experience, then using a new offer from Love Cloud looks like the best idea ever.

Final Thoughts

Numerous surveys prove that there are people who are into making love on the plane. About 30 million Americans report that they have had such an experience. Moreover, they say that sexual intercourse ended with a greater orgasm that sometimes is even the best in their life. Many people admit that they would like to try sex on the plane one day. Simply put, exactly plane is one of the most popular means of public transport that attracts real adventure-seekers. It means that Love Cloud has all chances to become a dream of people who are into enjoying every minute of life.

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