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7 Best Public Places for Sex to Get Incredible Experience

If you are a big fan of sex tourism, then perhaps at least once you thought about having sex on a seashore or a clearing in the wood.  But there is one problem. All nice places are full of people who even may have the same plans as you do. But do not get upset. Our experts tried to make your life easier and created a list of the best public places for sex.  You can look through all of them, choose the one and make love there without any worries.  But mind one significant nuance. Most European countries forbid outdoor sex at the law level.  Hence, our list presents places where you can make love legally and do not risk your freedom and finances. Where is the best place to have sex? Let’s find it out.

1. Vondelpark (Amsterdam)

Everybody already knows that Amsterdam is a popular sex tourism destination. Vondelpark is one of the biggest parks of this Netherlandish city. Local citizens love to spend their free time in the park, make picnics, do sports, and just rest on the green grass. They love making sex here as well. In 2008, the government of Amsterdam allowed people to walk in wantonness on the territory of the park. But you can do it only at night, far from kids’ playgrounds.

2. Ørstedsparken (Copenhagen)

This is one more nice park that is worth your attention. Ørstedsparken is a real oasis in the city with a river and ancient fortress. You can find plenty of alleys and benches, and choose the best place to stay face-to-face with your partner. Of course, you should be ready for some restrictions.  There are signs with warning rules about sexual pastimes in the park. You can’t openly make sex from 9 to 4 p.m. Also, pay attention that this is the only place in Copenhagen where you can practice public sex with your partner.

3. Spanish Interesting Places for Sex

Spain recognizes nudity as a person’s legal right.  Hence, there are many public places for sex. You can feel free to be naked on the beach, forest, park, or any other public place. However, you should mind that making sex is allowed only if there are no kids by your side and other adults do not mind such frivolity. In this case, you can consider adventurous sex things to do.

4. Cape de Favartix (Menorca)

There is a beautiful Cape de Favartix on the north of Spanish island Menorca. Here you can find stunning views, rocks, and waves crashing them. Moreover, there are plenty of interesting places for sex where nobody will see or disturb you. Bookmark this location if you want to spice up your sexual life and try new things. At last, you have a chance to see the beautiful landscape while hugging your beloved.

5. Playa de el Bollullo (Tenerife)

Tenerife is a favorite location of tourists worldwide, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a nice place here to spend with your beloved. One of the best places to make sex is Playa de el Bollullo with black volcanic sand. Be ready that the path to this location is not simple. You will have to go through the banana grove. But do not get upset and take it as a guarantee that you will not meet any people here. The chances that some couples will start this adventure at the same time, are very low.

6. Agiofaraggo Beach (Crete)

This picturesque beach is located 80 km from Iraklion. Be ready that it is quite difficult to reach. You will have to walk 1.5 km along the path that is surrounded by oleanders and ancient caves. Bit it sounds very romantic, doesn’t it?  So, set for the road early in the morning to spend the whole day with your partner on this impressive beach that will perhaps belong only to you.

7. Cap d’Agde (France)

If you do not want new things to do in the bedroom, then go to Cap d’Agde. France, like most European countries, forbids public sex. Still, there is a great place not far from Marsal. A special atmosphere will surely set the necessary mood and help you relax at last. The largest nude resort has everything for unforgettable leisure time. Here you can walk without any clothes, visit parties, shops, and restaurants. Of course, nudism and sex are not the same notions. However, you will face fewer difficulties with making love in the best public places for sex.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you should not choose the best public places for sex only by geographic position. It is not difficult to find a nice place in any part of the world. These are endless beaches of Thailand, the seaside of Portugal, or just a wood not far from your homeplace. Use your imagination, mind a list of sex acts to try, and get rid of routine sex intercourse.

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