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Sex Museum Amsterdam: Is it Worth Visiting or Not?

If you are exploring the European geography of sex tourism and looking for great ideas to see, then today you can discover a popular place in Amsterdam. While there are plenty of word sex museums, the Amsterdam sex museum stands out in the crowd. Do you know a little about it? Then keep reading and find out why so many people worldwide dream to visit this sex museum.

What is the Sex Museum in Amsterdam?           

Perhaps you came across plenty of sex museum Amsterdam photos earlier, but you didn’t know that it is one of the oldest museums in the world. Another name of Sexmuseum Amsterdam is the Temple of Venus. According to Statista, it is the fourth popular museum in the Netherlands. Where is the sex museum in Amsterdam? The building is situated on Damrak street, one of the busiest locations of Amsterdam. A Central Station is in front of it, so you will not face any problems with finding a sex museum.

Museum atmosphere

The sex museum in Amsterdam has a special atmosphere that you will feel once you enter it. The building is made up of a few small rooms each of which has its own name: Oscar Wilde, Mata Hari, Rudolf Valentino, etc.  Every room also has a unique mood. For example, in the Marquis de Sade, you will hear a mixture of a lady’s scream of joy and steam machine sounds. Such outdated multimedia along with specific museum interior allows you to feel the sex museum atmosphere to the fullest.

What to See in the Sex Museum?          

Museum of Sex Amsterdam surely has what to impress you with. It considers all aspects of love through the ages and presents a fantastic collection of paints, photographs, pictures, recordings, sculptures, etc. A vast collection is gathered by owners of the museum of sex Amsterdam and now is on regular display.

You can see it once you enter the building. Hence, within the first minutes, you will be impressed by the collection of artifacts along with the features of the attraction park. Full-size Mata Hari figure with male partners, Venus, and Marilyn Monroe are only a few exhibits.  Guests also admit two big plastic phalluses that act as a great background for taking photos. All in all, you can find the elements of different periods of history and explore a particular period more thoroughly. For example, 1700 – 1800 outside Europe, Greek and Romanian times, etc.

How Much is Sex Museum in Amsterdam?

Do you plan to visit the Sex Museum in Amsterdam? Then do not worry about sex museum Amsterdam tickets. Their cost is not high. Simply put, you will get access to a variety of interesting exhibits only for 9 euros. Still, be attentive and do not forget about the age restrictions. Only people over 16 years old can purchase sex museum Amsterdam tickets and visit it.

Erotic Museum & Sex Museum Amsterdam

If you are wondering whether the Sex Museum is the only museum in Amsterdam, then mind, it is not. There are a few of them but people plan to visit exactly Erotic Museum often as well.  In comparison to it, the Amsterdam museum of sex is larger and more interesting. A little sister that is situated between the window brothels in the popular Red Light District, has a poor collection. To be more specific, here you will see costumes, erotic photos, and a replica of a prostitute’s workplace. If you are a big fan of the Beatles, then you can visit Erotic Museum as John Lennon’s erotic sketches are really worth your attention.  On the ground floor, you can purchase nice erotic souvenirs. By the way, sex museum Amsterdam price is higher. The erotic Museum ticket is only 5 euros.

Amsterdam Museum of Sex: Final Thoughts

If you want to get unforgettable emotions, then you surely should seek a museum of sex tickets. Owners have been gathering the collection for over 20 years. As result, visitors can see an interesting and rich exhibition that is made up of unique objects, different pieces of art, rare old photos, etc. Moreover, all exhibits are arranged properly, allowing people to enjoy an interesting excursion at a reasonable price. If you want to widen your horizons and still do not spend a real fortune, then add the Amsterdam Museum of sex to the list of must-see places during your stay in the Netherlands.

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  1. I would love to visit this museum! As it was believed in the ancient world, the human body is beautiful, and sex itself is also beautiful! Some countries struck with their puritanical customs, while for others intimate relationships were a whole art that they developed and comprehended. I would like to wander around this museum in Amsterdam longer, admire the paintings, sculptures, and maybe learn something new!

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