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8 World Sex Museums That are Worth Visiting

Aiming to breathe life to routine days, adventure-seekers are discovering sex tourism geography. Still, besides looking for partners to have unforgettable sex experience, there is a lot of things to do in a new country. Visiting local sex museums will set the right mood and broaden your horizons. Consider the most popular places that you should visit one day.

Sex Museum in Amsterdam

The historic 17th-century building in Amsterdam houses the Temple of Venus Museum. It’s the first and the oldest sex museum in the world. With an extensive collection of erotic images, a wide variety of sex-themed objects, and amusing inventions of the administration, the museum remains the most popular in the world, despite the imitations that arise almost everywhere. Don’t miss the historical part “Sex through the ages”. It which clearly demonstrates the evolution of attitudes towards sex in society. Sex museum Amsterdam admission price is not high. Collections of postcards, playing cards, Dutch erotic films, and ancient Eastern exhibits are also noteworthy.

Erotic Museum in Berlin

The main task of the museum is to educate people in such delicate question as body pleasures. The collection of the museum has 5000 exhibits from different countries of the world including real works of art. Educational dioramas and visual aids occupy the entire floor. There’s also a supermarket with erotic goods and an adult cinema on the ground floor.

Erotic Museum in Paris

The Museum of Erotica in Paris has 7 rooms.  Three of them are for permanent exhibitions. They are: erotic art in the style of pop art, objects of worship from India and Nepal, and objects of modern art. The second floor demonstrates the activities of Parisian brothels that existed from the end of the 19th century to 1946. Here you can see archival photos, rare documents, and drawings. And the remaining 4 rooms are for temporary exhibitions. Some photos of the exhibits can be seen on the website.

Museum of Erotica in Moscow

It was opened in June 2011 and at once won the status of the largest museum of this kind in the world. The museum includes the Point G erotic art museum (3000 exhibits from antiquity to the present), a hypermarket for adults, and an erotic café. The exposition presents comics for adults, wooden, glass, metal phalluses, candid drawings, porcelain vases with erotic images, paintings by contemporary artists, Japanese prints, Tibetan figurines, erotic sculptures from Ivory Coast, sex dolls “Real Dolls” from the USA, and much more.

Museum of Sex Machines in Prague

The Prague Museum of Erotica contains more than 200 exhibits. They are anti-masturbation devices, hip braces, all kinds of toys for adults, devices for sadomasochism, sex swing, etc. Also in the Museum of Sex Toys, you can watch  retro films. Mind,  that this is the first museum in the world about sex devices.

Erotic Museum in Barcelona

Here you can learn more about the ​​erotic art of ancient civilizations: Rome, Greece, and Egypt. People like looking at frescoes of Pompeii, cult objects of Ancient China, Indian sculptures, and illustrations for the Kamasutra. Besides, the collection includes items used by sadomasochists, erotic postcards from Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Also, you can see erotic literature, comics, erotic works by Picasso and Miro, chastity belts, and telephone sex exposition. The Barcelona Museum of Erotica organizes tours for the blind. They can’t touch the exhibits during the excursions.

Sex Erotic Museum in New York

The mission of the museum in New York is not entertainment, but education and preservation of evidence of the evolution of human attitudes towards sexuality. The permanent collection consists of photographs, sculptures, works of art, technical devices, clothing and costumes, objects related to prostitution, ect. In total – 15.000 exhibits. Besides, here you will find an extensive multimedia library and collection of books on sex, scientific and artistic. Despite the declared scientific approach, there are also interesting exhibits, such as a copy of the bust of Senator Hillary Clinton or a recording of an interview with America’s first transsexual that you can admire with coupon code for museum of sex NYC.

Museum of Erotic Art in Venice

In the 18-19 centuries Venice was called the brothel of Europe, and the fame of the local red-light districts spread far beyond Italy. Most of the museum’s exhibits tell about this period in the history of Venice. One of the curious objects is the map “Venice of Pleasures”, which shows all the city brothels that used to be here and other objects associated with the sensual side of life. A significant part of the exhibition tells about the seducer Giacomo Casanova, and the other to the Marquis de Sade and his life in Venice.

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