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The Exotic Sex Tourism Geography

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to impress somebody with a journey to Asian, European, African, and Latin countries. Sunny beaches with golden sand, live green palms, unfortunately, are no longer exotic. Oddly enough, but during the vacation for some reason you don’t want to lie in bed, you rather prefer something more substantial. A boring family vacation or solitary is a waste of time at the resort. For singles, of course, this option is absolutely not suitable, so you need to look for alternatives. What to suggest in this case? The answer is very simple. Try exotic sex tourism and enjoy it to the fullest.

Traditional Countries for Sex Tourism

Which country has the best sex tourism? In case you are planning a vacation and look for special places to enjoy sex without any boundaries, then you are recommended to consider the list below. There you will find the most traditional countries where the sex tourism sector earns a lot of money every year, thus provides you with millions of unique opportunities. 

1.  Thailand

Sex tourism in this country is quite popular and if to trust the official data, then in Thailand more than two million people are working in the sex industry. There are practically no prostitutes over 25 years old. You can make acquaintance with the object of desire both simply on the street and in dedicated establishments. For instance, in go-go bars, you can appreciate not only the face of a potential lover but also gorgeous girl’s busts. First, the girls dance topless, and then they sit down with the visitors and entertain them in all possible ways. If you really like the girl, then you can “rent” her for the entire period of your vacation. This will not cause you any trouble, but, on the contrary, will also bring a lot of benefits, especially if you contact a special agency. A day will cost you about $35. A girl will definitely be your personal professional masseuse, a concubine, a passionate mistress, a guide, a submissive servant, and an experienced maid.

2.  Cuba

Girls in Cuba of such a spicy profession are not allowed into the hotel, so if you come to Cuba for thrills, then you better settle in a private boarding house. However, if you are already staying in a large hotel, try bribing the security guard – on average it doesn’t cost more than $10. You will also need to remember the word “partecular”, which means “private”. So, you can easily rent a one-night room from local residents for $20.

3.  South Korea

Girls from South Korea are a little less known by their Thai colleagues. But this does not detract from the possibilities to spend a pleasant time with them at all, plus even with benefit. For example, you can do this even at first glance in ordinary hairdressing salons. Don’t be surprised, it is here! Employees of the special department will engage in oral sex with the client directly during the haircut. When you are done with your hairstyle and don’t want to stop on oral sex, then you can go to the area of ​​Seoul called Itaewon. Here, for an extra cost, you can get everything that your fantasies are capable of. 

4.  Cambodia

Cambodia frightens a lot of tourists because of its incredible poverty. However, sex tourism in this country is far from the last place. Therefore, if you are willing to try Asian sex tours, Cambodia is worth your attention. Experts in sex tourism claim that here you can find “something”, which is “found” only in these places. And this “something” will cost from $1 to $50 per night – it all depends on the qualifications of the prostitute.

5.  Germany

Having a great time in the company of pretty ladies is not a problem in Germany.  Prostitution is a well-arranged and popular sector in this country.  Sex tourism has a long history of establishment and now it is completely legal. If you decide to visit Germany, then do not miss a chance to drop into a local women’s house. Here you can enjoy a great time, widen your horizons, and have unexpected experiments.

6.  The Netherlands

It is known to be one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism in the whole world. Here the prostitution is completely legal and regulated by the law. Perhaps there is any person who has never heard about the red-light district in Amsterdam. International sex tourism is always associated with this place. Here you can find everything you are dreaming about and even more.

Last Thoughts

While some people have a calm family life with plenty of hidden desires in their minds, others keep enjoying every opportunity to have good sex and get unforgettable emotions. As you can see, there are plenty of the best places for sex tourism 2021 that are worth visiting not only to see local sites of interest. Just arrange everything ahead so as not to waste time when you are already at the place.

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