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A Comprehensive Guide on Sex Tourism in Amsterdam

Even if you know nothing about Amsterdam, you have probably heard about its Red Light District. Most tourists who plan to visit the Netherlands, mention it in the must-see list of sex tourism today. That’s why you can meet plenty of people from all over the world exactly in this place. All of them are willing to sex tourism in Amsterdam, have a great time, and communicate with interesting people.

5 Facts You Should Know About Red Light District

To better understand whether red-light district Amsterdam best sex shows are worth your attention, let’s look at the main 7 facts that you should know about Red Light District:

1.  There are three Red Light areas

Perhaps you will be impressed but there are three areas in the Red Light neighborhood that are part of sex tourism in Amsterdam. The most famous and the largest one is “De Wallen ”.  Two others are Ruysdaelskade (with 40 window brothels), and the area around Singel and Spuistraat (about 40 windows as well). Every location has certainly what to impress you with.

2.  De Wallen has 225 Window Brothels

Earlier, the number of windows was larger. Now there are 225 windows and all of them are divided between 17 alleys and streets. If you notice the blue color in the window, it means that the transgender is renting it right at the moment.

3.  Almost 400 prostitutes work in the Red Light area

Here you can meet women to every taste. All of them can bring unforgettable moments to you. Only girls who are older than 21 years are allowed to work as prostitutes here. The girls must pay for the window rent. This is when her age is checked by showing ID. The rent costs 80 -100 euro during the daytime and 150 – 180 euro during the nighttime. Prostitutes may refuse clients and they really do it often. The girls must not accept everybody as they are bosses to themselves. Moreover, taking photos of sex workers is recognized as disrespectful. Most of them have a double life that means no family members or friends know about such occupation.

4.  Most streets are car-free

You will not see many cars here. A few years ago the government restricted driving, with some exceptions for local residents. As a result, there are not many parking places. Interestingly, you can visit the district at any time as it is accessible for 24 hours.  Of course, coffee shops, restaurants, and rest have a closing time.  Window brothels are expected to be shut from 6 to 8 a.m.

5.  The area is controlled by police

The neighborhood has about 50 police cameras that allow them to watch and control the area 24/7. Besides, the undercover officers are checking the streets mainly for pickpockets and dealers. In general, the district is safe but of course, as in any other city, there are some not very good people.

Things to Do in Amsterdam

If you want to make your trip to Amsterdam really impressive, then mind a few extra options of sex stuff to do in Amsterdam for having a great time. Here every corner is full of sex, passion, and desire, so mind

·         Visit the Museum of Sex. Four floors of the museum of sex Amsterdam are dedicated to erotica and sexual pleasures. It has everything: from naughty paintings and photographs to realistic male and female mannequins, body parts, and exhibitions of devices for getting sexual pleasure. Surprise, admiration, bewilderment is not a complete list of emotions that you will experience when you visit the Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Find out sex museum Amsterdam admission price, and have a good time.

·         Watch a performance in “Casa Rosso”. It is a thematic where erotic artists perform stunning shows in the evenings. All performances are accompanied by choreographic and acrobatic shows. The spectacle lasts an hour and a half and consists of ten actions, during which you can see all the manifestations of the love of two or more people.

·         Attend massage parlors. They do not look like brothels. Payment here is hourly and clients can not only retire with their favorite masseuse in a private room but also just relax and chat. The cost of visiting a massage parlor is not the lowest. Half an hour of massage costs at least 50 euros, and for intercourse, you will have to pay another hundred for one hour.

Sex Tourism in Amsterdam: Summing-up

Amsterdam and sex are absolutely inseparable. In the city, people are so tolerant of all manifestations of love and affection that you will be simply amazed. However, sex tourism there is not only about getting carnal pleasures but also about the aesthetic enjoyment of the cultural side of the event. The best reminder of a sex tour to Amsterdam can be a souvenir with an erotic connotation. It can be either an unusual condom or a sex toy, or a board game with a spicy design. The most courageous can look for a depraved souvenir in one of the many sex shops in the city to take with you a piece of licentiousness and permissiveness.

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