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All You Should Know About Sex Tourism in Russia

Earlier, people associated sex tourism mainly with Amsterdam, Vietnam, etc. Nowadays, people are seeking new places to get unforgettable experiences and widen their horizons. Russia keeps attracting guests from all over the world who want to enjoy communication with local attractive women and maybe even having something more. If you know a little about sex tourism in Russia, but you are interested in this destination, then go on reading. Find out everything that you should know for organizing a dream trip.

According to Statista, prostitution is legal and well regulated in many countries across the world.  However, Russia is not on this list. Here, prostitution is not officially allowed, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be found in Russian cities. In fact, we can only say that in every major resort town by the sea there are definitely VIP brothels with prostitutes. They are called SPA salons of elite relaxation or massage for men only or saunas with erotic massage, which does not essentially change their purpose and content.

Homosexuals also have a lot to enjoy in Russia. For instance, Sochi is the most tolerant towards representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation. Almost everyone loves gays in Sochi. Because, probably, there are more of them in this resort than in any other Russian city and they are not hiding. It happened historically so that a large number of LGBT people came here on vacation. Now, the Sochi gay club is one of the most popular holiday destinations.

3 Misbeliefs about Sex Tourism in Russia

Sex tourism in Russia is a hot topic for discussion. It is associated with plenty of beliefs, most of which are false. Let’s look at the most popular ones:

1.  There is no sex tourism in Russia. It is an absolute untruth.  Of course, it is not so developed as in Thailand, the Czech Republic, or other popular destinations of the exotic sex tourism geography, but it still has what to offer the guests of the country. Here you can meet beautiful sexy women who know how to please you in every possible way.                                                                                                   

2.   Any girl will agree to have sex for money. Some people mistakenly think that meeting Russian girl is only a question of price, but actually, it is not so. Not all ladies will agree to sex with strangers, hence, it is better to look for special places to enjoy unforgettable intercourse with the Russian beauties.

3.  You can make sex everywhere. No, you can’t. You can have sex only in specially dedicated places. You will have an incredible experience if you know where to look for such services. In case you are not prepared, you may have some fun but there are no guarantees that it will end up with an impressive night in the company of hot ladies.

Where to Enjoy Sex Tourism in Russia?

Officially in this country, there is no sex tourism and no prostitutes at hotels. But unofficially, on pages in social networks and on sites of paid advertisements in various cities, including Moscow, there are supposedly private advertisements about the provision of recreation “for men only” or “for women only” with special individual programs and prices.

Some connoisseurs offer the simplest, but far from the safest option to negotiate free sex on social networks. There are groups in social networks with the corresponding name, which are in the public domain. Here people frankly write when they come to the resort, in which area they will stay, what they want from sex partners, and in what quantity. Some even post photos so that there are no false expectations or disappointments.

Keep a Cool Head

It is clear that loneliness is terrible, and everyone’s psychology is different. Not everyone finds peace in family relationships or even outside them, but this is already a question for a psychologist. It is worth remembering that coming to Russia, people get an unusual riot of colors. The contrast of mountains, sea, and greenery, become careless and lose their heads from momentary weaknesses and frivolous urges, which is then fraught with consequences.

There is a certain amount of risk that comes not only from sexually transmitted diseases. Many tourists lose money and valuables when they met with criminal girls that use sleeping pills to rob a client. Or married women, after hot caresses with the Caucasians, were deprived of money and valuables, and sometimes they also received serious injuries. That’s why you should remember rules to protect yourself all the time. With a cool head, there is no doubt that you will have an impressive experience while visiting Russia for sex tourism.

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