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Sex Tourism Types That You Can Try

Before, the exotic sex tourism geography attracted only men who were in search of new vivid feelings and pleasant acquaintances. The times are changing and now you can see plenty of ladies who leave the accustomed way of life. They decide to breathe life in routine busy days. This is when we can speak about different sex tourism types. Each one has its own peculiarities and features. You should discover them if you aim to become a successful sex tourist in Amsterdam, France, or any other place.

Male Sex Tourism

Male sex tourism is the most popular form of sex tourism. The phenomenon basically means men traveling with the aim of sexual intimacy with ladies or prostitutes. For most guys, sex tourism is a great opportunity to rest from busy working days. Also, they want to end up with loneliness or even freshen up their relationships with partners without breaking them. While some people have plenty of prejudices about this type of entertainment, we can’t ignore the great impact of sex tourism. Prostitution in many countries is legalized and brings enormous profit to sex workers, and pleasure for their clients. These destinations keep attracting more and more men every year.

Currently, the most popular destination for male sex tourism in Thailand. Thailand has a very well-developed industry for sex tourism and it is available for any kind of preference. The country has a sex market, which varies in prices, according to the services. Simply speaking tourists can get any kind of sexual services at suitable prices for them. There are luxury hotels, cheap houses, and hostels in the cities, and for more romantic tourists who are looking for a little romance during their journey, there are cozy cottages or bungalows right on the sea beaches. The sex services offered by Thai women are quite cheap in comparison with European countries, and the reason can be the rapidly increasing market and the multiplying amount of sex workers.

Besides Thailand, men often choose such places for sex tourism as Netherlands, Cuba, Bali, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, and Ukraine. But those who are interested in more than sex for one night, and want to have a beautiful, sexy lady as a partner, decide to win the jackpot and join an online dating site to meet the hottest Slavic girls.

Female Sex Tourism

Sex trips making by women, who are going the world over for drawing in or having the joy of sexual activities, is called female sex tourism. The ones who are looking for female sex entertainment are generally single, sometimes old, and quite rich women. The majority of female sex travelers are ready not just to get sex, but additionally sentiments and closeness. Hence, three types of female sex tourism can be mentioned:

1.  Traditional

It doesn’t differ from typical male sex tourism. Women set for the journey to another country with cheap prices and the opportunity to realize any fantasies and ideas. They choose safe locations like Turkey and Egypt as well as countries of the Third World (Kenya, Gambia, etc.)

2.  Accidental

Accidental sex tourism is not usually the purpose of the trip. After arriving at the planned location, a woman meets a handsome local guy who offers his services for a definite price. It often happens in Caribs (local sex workers are called beach boys), Costa – Rica (they are called gringueros), Bali, and Fiji. So if a local man insists on getting acquainted, then be ready to pay.  

3.  Romantic

Girls plan their holiday or occasion to relax and have some romance. Besides, they are searching for sex laborers who can cause them to feel uncommon, give them all the consideration, and satisfy them during their getaway.  They wish to spend their holiday in the sunshine with romance, which they could not find in their own countries. Usually, women from rich countries travel to developing countries to spend their vacation with different male partners or their desirable partners, who can make them feel like a queen and give priority to them in every way. Male partners are local people and they do this to earn money with pleasure.

Summing – up

Despite what type of sex tourism you prefer, it is important to remember the basic rules on how to protect yourself, so that your sex experience would not become a real nightmare. Enjoy the best days and nights in your life and do not forget about safety. You can meet with the person once or spend the whole vacation with him/her, but then be ready to come back to reality and not build castles in the air. Guard against sincere feelings and remember that it is just a way to earn money for sex workers.

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