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Japan’s Sex Industry: What Land of the Rising Sun Has

In Japan, the sex industry and prostitution are not the same. Prostitution is officially prohibited in Japan. However, due to the intricacies of the legislation, prostitution is considered only compensated sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. What is the sex culture in Japan? Everything that falls outside this definition is freely traded in the market. Thanks to this, the high culture of sexual services has developed in Japan. There is nothing like this in the world.

A variety of Japan sex services is one of the most striking attractions in the country. But unlike Cambodia and Thailand, the Japanese sex industry focuses on the domestic consumer. Hence, it is practically inaccessible to foreigners. It’s not just the language, although you need to know Japanese to book an appointment. The fact is that most of the houses usually do not provide services to foreigners. The reason is that they are considered less trustworthy clients and often do not follow the etiquette adopted in communication between girls and clients.

Red-light District

Japan’s largest red-light district is located in Kabuki-chō on Shinjuku. This is a huge block of high buildings, each of them is a brothel. It has the largest concentration of soaplands, massage parlors, and hostess clubs in Tokyo. It is curious that without knowing Japanese it is impossible to guess about it. The more expensive a club is, the stricter its facade looks and the more solid the audience attends it. So you can find out about the true purpose of this or that office building only from the menu with girls and the modest sign “men’s club” at the entrance. Mind that the topic of prostitution in Japan is taboo.

Soaplands in Japan

The trademark of the Japanese sex industry is soaplands. This is something like a soapy erotic massage, but such a definition does not convey the ingenuity of the procedure that the client is involved in. The basic scenario is the same as in all establishments: the girl first washes you thoroughly, then gives you a massage, and fulfills special wishes that are discussed in advance. In cheaper places, the choice is limited to a fairly standard set of services, and in more expensive places you can order services that will seem quite impressive. People with a tight budget can try pink salons. They are hidden from view but are located at almost all central metro stations. Here you will be offered to sit on an armchair, suggested something to drink, and quickly served. As usual, foreign women work in such places.


If you are not interested in traditional sex intercourses, then you can visit any of the numerous clubs in Japan. There are swinger clubs with a special atmosphere of debauchery. You can see people having sex in a separate room, and if you find the courage and appeal to the participants, then you can join. There is also a set of rules that must be strictly followed. You cannot take photos or molest women there. Membership in such a club is not cheap. For any jamb, they will expel not only you but also the person who recommended you. Besides, you can find clubs focusing on sadomasochism.

Other Unusual Sex Services in Japan

Japan has all chances to become your favorite place in the exotic sex tourism geography for sure. Here you can try things that no one else offers in other countries. You can book a hug session with a girl at the Cuddle Cafe. No sex, she just lies with you in the crib, hugs you, and bites you in the ear.  In Kyabakura (a kind of hostess bar), you can pick up a girl who will support your conversation and won’t mind if you let your hands go a little. Such a meeting does not imply any continuation, and if you offer something like that, you will immediately be kicked out of the establishment forever. You can hire a girl to swear at her and scold her. You cannot touch her, but you can say anything, and she will apologize and repent to you.

Finally, for those who have a partner, there are love hotels with crazy room designs. You can rent a room, a replica of a subway car, an aircraft cabin, a school corridor or classroom, a BDSM dungeon with everything you need, or a prison cell.

Final Remarks

If you have already visited Amsterdam and other top destinations for sex tourism, then you surely can consider Japan. It is definately interesting place for having new experiments. As you can see, a wide range of sex services exist here. If after joining a dating site, you realize that you need face-to-face communication, then do not hesitate. Finding sex in Tokyo is not difficult. Set for one of the most unforgettable trips.  Mind the special rules to protect yourself and destroy all borders in your head for getting what you have not had before. 

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