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All Truth About Female Sex Tourism

The times when only men could enjoy the opportunities that are provided by sex tourism are far away. Now women have equal rights and opportunities for having a great time. What is female sex tourism? This is when women are breaking all rules and getting rid of available prejudices. The reasons why they make such decisions are numerous, among the top ones are:

  • Absence of regular partner
  • Problems in a current relationship
  • Too busy lifestyle without the opportunity to build a relationship
  • Recent divorce
  • Desire to have sexual experiments

Even the pleasures they pay for, as a rule, are accompanied by bonuses in the form of walks under the moon, compliments, courtship, and other entourages that create the illusion of passion, not a deal. And for most women this is important, this is how they are made. However, not all sex tourists intend to pay for sex, because any thirsty woman can get a hot lover and guaranteed pleasure for free. You just need to know female sex tourism destinations. The female sex tourism map doesn’t differ much from the male one. The exotic sex tourism geography is impressive.

Top Places of Female Sex Touris

What is the best country for female sex tourism? The most popular destinations for female sex tourism for money are Egypt, Turkey, the Caribbean, and the Czech Republic. Exactly these places have proved to offer all conditions for receiving unforgettable emotions.  

Egypt and Turkey

Of course, the Mecca of those who want to plunge into the whirlpool of passion by chance or purposefully are Egypt and Turkey. The temperament and love of the Turks and Egyptians, at first indignant and serving as the theme of the stories of the girlfriends, later became the reason for trips with special purposes. According to experienced people, local macho is not only temperamental but also good in bed. Add the guaranteed respect for a woman, tenderness, a well-groomed appearance, and the ability to speak – and you will understand why there are a lot of websites that are entirely devoted to this aspect of Egyptian vacation.

The Czech Republic

This Eastern European country has become a leader in recent years: inexpensive, close, diverse, without any problems. Today’s prostitution is one of the most profitable areas of the shadow economy in the Czech Republic. In order to bring only pleasant memories from the country, it makes sense to follow simple safety rules (they relate to behavior in any country): do not drink much, carry money with you only to pay for leisure and transport, do not go to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people, and of course, protect yourself.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean has recently experienced a boom in female sex tourism. More than 600,000 women arrive at the islands every year. They will be gratified by men with a profession that is officially called foreign service. By the way, researchers of the phenomenon of female sex tourism in the Caribbean note that this type of vacation is the lot of women who are single or unhappy in their family life, who are older than 50 years.

There are a huge number of other countries to visit for your sexual fantasies but never forget about safety.  

What to Remember About?

Have you decided to try sex tourism for women? Then keep in mind a few important things:

1.   The main rule is protection. While the men risk getting STDs, the women also risk becoming pregnant. Perhaps, having a kid from some stranger is not on your things to-do list, so do not forget about contraceptives.

2.   Be careful. Remember that lovers are not always caring and honest. Hence, you are not recommended to take a big amount of money. Leave jewelry and cash in the hotel room. Do not drink from a glass that you have left for a while.

3.   Care about your own safety. If you are meeting a new lover, then you’d better leave his name, photo, and address for your close friend.  Also, say that you will write to her in a few hours to say whether everything is ok, or she needs to call the police.

All in all, you are recommended to try new impressions, entertain yourself, and make your sexual experience richer by following the above-mentioned tips.

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