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Unusual People’s Sex Traditions in the World

All that you do in bed appears to be quite natural. Have you ever thought about the sex traditions of other nations? As a rule, many new things we usually hear or see from the world of sex go beyond our imagination. It often surprises or shocks us.

How Did Sex Traditions Start?

Everyone knows about keeping the virginity tradition when a girl could become a woman only after the wedding. But not everyone knows that among some people, girls had to get rid of this inconvenience as quickly as possible, but not always through traditional sexual intercourse. For example, the female half of some South African tribes parted with virginity with a wooden dildo. This is only one tradition but it shows well how sex traditions start. Since ancient times, people have had different experiments and today we can speak about sexual diversity. All countries have what to impress you with, so let’s learn more about unusual sex traditions in the world.

Tastes Differ: Across the World

The sexual pleasures of every nation are different. While trying sex tourism, you can discover something new and even like it. Here are the most unusual sex traditions:


In Japan, during the Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the Steel Phallus) fertility festivals, the male population dresses in costumes with a large penis attached to the lower part. Men hide their faces behind carnival masks and chase after women they like with screaming. During the holiday, it is ok to have sexual intercourse. However, on the streets, everything happens within the bounds of decency. A man can enter the house of a lady he likes and indulge in love pleasures there. Women have a similar ritual called the Vagina Festival. The Japanese consider the worship of the female organ to be the key to harmony in marital relations. On this day, unmarried people have every chance to meet their other half. Participation in the festivals should involve the use of condoms and other contraceptives.


An extraordinary tradition exists in the Kreung tribe in Cambodia. Caring parents build huts in their yards for their teenage daughters. The refuge is designed to help the girl gain sexual experience with young men and find true love among them. According to Cambodian laws, couples who have officially married are prohibited from divorce. Women are respected here, they are honored and listened to their desires.


Those who feel sick of being faithful to their partner will appreciate the Night of betrayal or Pon. It’s a holiday originally from Indonesia. Seven times a year, at the sacred mountain on the island of Java, you can indulge in love with an unfamiliar partner. Tourists even have a belief: if you participate in the holiday, expect happiness throughout the year, and good luck promises someone who gets the same partner 7 times. Why? People consider number seven a lucky number in Indonesia.


Muslim culture is one of the strictest in terms of sexual intercourse and sexual relations between a man and a woman. For example, Muslim couples can only have sex in a missionary position. Asking a husband to change his position is considered a humiliation of dignity. However, in some Muslim countries, such as Iran, a young couple who would like to have sex before they want to marry, can buy a “temporary marriage.” Partners have the right to pay for a short ceremony, as a result of which a contract is concluded, which will indicate the exact time of marriage. After that, they can have sex without violating Islamic laws.


High in the mountain, the Republic of Nepal in South Asia, some tribes maintain family values ​​in strange ways. They instruct brothers to share their spouses or even have one wife for several people. Historians argue that this tradition arose due to the limited agricultural land and resources, a “common” wife and children should “rally” the family and not allow men to seize foreign territories.

Sex Traditions: Summing-up

All in all, some traditions are quite unusual but all of them are tightly connected with the country’s history and supported by numerous beliefs. If you decide to add a new point to the list of the exotic sex tourism geography, then study a particular tradition well. Also, remember the basic rules to protect yourself.  What about you? Have you heard about other unusual people’s sex traditions across the world?

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