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Why Sex Tourism Exists in Developing Countries?

Today, we can observe a tendency of extending the European geography of sex tourism that becomes popular with people of different ages and nations.  We can describe sex tourism as Sun, Sand, Surf, and Sex. Mind that all countries have their own idea of sex tourism and prostitution.

Some countries have made prostitution legal and put it under strict control, while others prohibit sex services making them hide and perform unofficially. For instance, Amsterdam is the home of the red-light area that attracts tourists from all over the world. Thailand is also a popular destination for people who want to enjoy incredible sex experiences. Earlier, sex tourism was only a men’s privilege. Today, women also are exploring the exotic sex tourism geography. They set for unforgettable journeys and enjoy the company of beach boys in beautiful landscapes. Sex tourism is mainly present in developing countries that feature four S’s of tourism. But why does it exist there? Let’s find it out.  

The Formula of Sex Tourism Development

As has been stated before, sex tourism exists in most developing countries. If you are wondering why then let’s first emphasize what developing countries are. They are countries with less developed industrial bases. These countries also have a low Human Development Index in comparison to other countries. Which country is developing? Developing countries are are Turkey, Ukraine, Cuba, China, Albania, and a lot of others. Exactly here the governments consider the economic benefits of this industry that make them think about the legalization of sex services or at least pretending not to notice the work of local prostitutes.

According to numerous researches, it is possible to say that economic gains from this industry are significant but measuring them may be quite challenging. This area involves workers, tourists, and dedicated organizations. It is used as a tool for social-economic development. Its main goal is to attract tourists to generate foreign investments.

Reasons for Existing Sex Tourism in Developing Countries

Over past years, the globalization process has contributed to a boost in tourists’ trips to less developed countries from more developed countries. People who are interested in sex in tourism choose such destinations as sex services there are more affordable while choice is impressive. Even though sex tourism may cause plenty of negative consequences like venereal diseases, crime, child prostitution, and drugs, it remains to be the only source of income for unemployed women. What difficulties impeded the economic development of third-world countries? In conditions, when the local population can’t find a job or has to work at a low salary, more and more girls decide to offer sex services and soon are accustomed to such a lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Sex tourists have different reasons to visit other countries and enjoying local sex services. Some of them are seeking romance and love on holiday, while others appreciate anonymity above all. All types allow a person to lose their identity and at least for some time to live their fantasies. Tourists choose exactly developing countries as they want to try something new and do not spend a real fortune. Sex services in these countries are cheap, allowing every person to gain unforgettable experiences at low prices.

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