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Find Out Everything About Sex in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country with many faces. Not only lovers of ancient history and culture come here, but also life-seekers who prefer to have fun in clubs and pay local young ladies for a night of love. The country is not considered as one of the major destinations in the exotic sex tourism geography, but every tourist has an assessment of the peculiarities of national Czech sex there.

Sex in the Czech Republic and Culture

Czech culture has not spared the topic of sex either. The avant-garde composer Erwin Schulhoff wrote the Erotic Sonata in 1919, which is still performed today at music festivals. In fact, the sonata consists of one part for a female voice, imitating moans and sighs during intercourse.

The same cultural function is perfectly fulfilled by the Prague Museum of Sex Machines. Almost two hundred erotic exhibits have been collected in a three-story old building in the city center. Each floor has its own purpose: there are underwear and erotic clothes, sex toys, and so on. They even show amateur porn films of the early 20th century.  If you are in Prague, don’t hesitate to drop by.

Sex Broadcast Online

In the Czech Republic, sex is treated as a simple human need, therefore tenderness and affection are as in-demand here as oil and gas. Czechs perceive prostitution quite calmly. There are “free brothels” in the country, where guests receive linen, towels, and appropriate security equipment upon visit (the most popular is “Big Sister’). But for these pleasures of life, the institution asks you to observe a small formality: to sign a paper stating that you do not mind the online broadcast of your love pleasures. In short, this is a real paradise for people who adore voyeurism.

Host’s Wife

As the researchers have found out, Czech women are much more proactive than men in intimate matters. Why? Due to the frequent beer-drinking, many Czechs develop apathy and indifference to nightlife by the age of 30, and women react to this completely atypical for Europe. In the Czech, there is a phenomenon of sexual hospitality, this is when men offer guests their girlfriends, mistresses, and even wives. They do not see anything unnatural in this and do not interfere with their ladies in having fun with other men.  Czechs also have nothing against sex at work, the very one that many people only fantasize about. This is an additional motivation to go to work, for others it is an opportunity to change the environment to a spicier one. Of course, there are divorces and dismissals, but Czechs have a simpler attitude to this aspect of sex life.

Sex Services

Prostitution in the Czech Republic is the most profitable area of ​​the illegal economy.  According to statistics, there are about 6 thousand priestesses of love in this country, and most of them are foreigners. Each girl is able to earn about $80 during the day. The owners of Czech brothels usually look extremely presentable, and the Czech women who work there are quite friendly, educated, and have good manners.

Respectable intimate establishments have their own security, which keeps everything in order inside and outside the building, so there is no need to worry about safety. Erotic massage parlors for adults offer their services everywhere. Swinging is very popular in this country, there are several large clubs in Prague that invite guests to their regular events. Wenceslas Square, an unofficial red-light district, is the main destination for sex tourists in Prague. Just start exploring the side streets from this central square and you will discover all the delights of the city.

Call – girls

Such a system of providing sex services is not a brothel, however, it still is popular and accessible. The client makes a phone call and already in 20 minutes, a required girl arrives at a necessary place. This service is popular with very rich people because it is quite safe. They do not do it via a newspaper or advertisement as it may end up with losing money only.


As you can see, the attitude to sex in the Czech Republic is very loyal. Here you can feel free to express your own sexual desires and get a wide range of ways to satisfy them. Sex with another person is never a reason for divorce. It seems that in a country where sex is an ordinary thing, everyone is happy. What about you? Have you ever been to Prague or any other Czech city for sex tourism, or you prefer the safer way of getting acquainted like a dating site online?  

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