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French Sex Tourism: What to Try and See

What first comes to your mind when you hear the word France? Perhaps, most of a person’s associations are connected with Paris, romantic walks, croissants, the Eiffel Tower, and of course local beautiful girls. The letter makes more and more men consider France as one of the popular destinations for sex tourism. Still, women do not stay aside and also choose this country to get new emotions, unforgettable sexual experiences, and freshen up routine days.

If you want to enjoy incredible moments, then you should first discover the places of French sex tourism where it is possible. Pay attention to the list of popular locations where you can get what you are looking for.


The leader in the number of accepted clients is a brothel located in Lyon. So, right on the street, you can see small vans, when entering you can find everything you need for sex. How does it work? If the doors are open in the van, then the prostitute is ready to entertain another client. The opposite situation occurs with closed doors. By the way, if you decide to have sex in your own car, you will be punished. And this is not only the payment of a fine but also imprisonment.

Beaubourg quarter in Paris

Actually, brothels in France are banned by the law. But in fact, they exist and even function successfully. Of course, they are conducting underground activities. Here you can find a brothel on the street Saint-Denis. Sex tourists willingly visit it. To find out the exact address, you need to go to the hotel receptionist. He will surely help you if you provide him with a monetary reward. In general, all the locals know about this place as well.

Bois de Boulogne in Paris

If you walk near the Bois de Boulogne during the day, you will not see anything unusual there. So, in the morning you can run here, take a walk with the whole family and even arrange a date. But when night comes, everything changes. After all, priestesses of love appear here. It will be possible to enjoy French sex tourism here at different prices. By the way, services here are of different orientations. Therefore, there will be plenty of options to choose from. As sex tourists say, the service fees are fully consistent with the terms of service. So, to provide their services, people offer to go either in a minibus, or in a tent, or just in the open air.


The French resort of Cap-Dague offers more than just unwinding on the beach. Such people do not hesitate to go shopping. Although, if you don’t want to, then you can stay dressed. And if during the day everything looks like a beach for nudists, then in the evening there are a lot of prostitutes.

The Marais quarter

It turns out that representatives of sexual minorities can feel comfortable in Paris too. So, if you go to the Marais quarter, you can look at gays here. It is believed that guys with not traditional sex orientation meet in this place. And there is more than one gay club in this area. There are a lot of places where men can spend their leisure time pleasantly. This quarter appeared in the 80s. It is believed that from then people began to see the first same-sex couples here.

Are Famous Cabarets Worth Visiting?

For almost a hundred years, the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret in Place Blanche has been greeting visitors with an unfading French cancan. In “Red Mill” there are beautiful dancers, a superbly staged show and a decent audience, so the prices are very high. This is a great French sex tourism place.

Moulin Rouge

Cabaret “Lido” is located in the most prestigious place in Paris, on the Champs Elysees. Topless girls participate in the performance with songs and cancan. Here you can not only watch an enchanting show and dine but dance too. The entrance ticket to the cabaret entitles you to take part in the Lido gift raffle.

Crazy Horse Saloon

Stylish the “Crazy Horse Saloon” cabaret awaits visitors on George V. Avenue. Spectators are offered a spicy spectacle: sophisticated, one might even say, aesthetic eroticism. Be sure to go, you won’t regret it.

Cabaret can give two performances per evening. Recently, their morals have become very stern. Dancers are prohibited from engaging in sexual relations with visitors on pain of dismissal. So even the most ardent fans will not be able to approach the ladies who cheerfully lift their legs on stage. But on the other hand, at two o’clock in the morning (which is when the show usually ends), taxi drivers are already waiting near the exit, ready to take the overexcited spectators to the appropriate addresses. In Paris, many taxi drivers earn money by pimping. They understand everything without words. Meeting your gaze, the Parisian driver will smile and say “Girls?” And if it matches your desires, just nod your head.

French Sex Tourism: Final Thoughts

All in all, France comes up with numerous opportunities for the guests of the country. There is no doubt that you will get what you have come for. However, it is highly recommended to mind the rules to protect yourself and do not spoil your own experience. 

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  1. I would like to visit the incredible French Cabaret Moulin Rouge if possible. I read somewhere that for almost a hundred years the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret on Blanche Square has been meeting its famous visitors. This is a place where there are beautiful dancers, a superbly staged show and a worthy audience and so prices are very high. Here you can not only watch shows and dine, but also dance.

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