Real Way to Increase Your Size

Real Way to Increase Your Size: A Complete Guide With Instructions

Every man for whom the quality of his sexual life and having sex is important must have a clear idea of ​​​​the ideal penis. Wishes for details may differ, but the large size remains a priority, perhaps for everyone. The small length and girth of manhood become a serious reason for complexes and obsessive thoughts about how to enlarge a penis.

If you often think about this, read our article, which will be useful to you. We will tell you about the most effective penis enlargement methods.

Real Way to Increase Your Size With The Help of Operation

For men who want or think about how to enlarge their penis for perfect sex, or just for self-satisfaction, there are special operations with surgical intervention. In this way, you can increase your size permanently. 

But not all men decide on such operations, as in some cases complications may arise. It is not worth it to increase your size by only 1-2 cm. Such surgical interventions are not yet fully studied by medicine, and there are always risks you should take into account before deciding to take such an important step.

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Here are the most popular methods of surgical penis enlargement and their possible consequences:


This is the real way to increase your penis size with surgery. During this procedure, the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone is cut. Because of this, the non-erect penis sags and seems a little longer than it was. A possible complication of ligamentotomy is the instability of the penis during erection. It swings too easily from side to side, which can cause serious inconvenience.

Penis thickening surgery

The real way to increase your size permanently: do this operation. During the following procedures, silicone implants or the patient’s adipose tissue are inserted under the skin of the penis. Because of this, the girth of the penis increases. But there is a problem: adipose tissue tends to dissolve unevenly, and silicone can move. All this ultimately leads to the appearance of lumps under the skin of the penis. The sexual organ itself begins to look asymmetrical or seriously curved. It can only be restored to its normal form with the help of another surgical intervention.

Muscle tissue transplant

A complex surgical manipulation is a real way to increase your size penis, the purpose of which is to enlarge the diameter of the penis. For transplantation, tissue from the abdominal wall or fascia is used. The flap is placed on the genitals, the vessels are sutured. As a result, the diameter of the penis can be increased by 3-4 cm.

Penile prosthesis

Is there any real way to increase the size of your dick? Yes, it can be done. Penile prosthetics are carried out exclusively according to strict indications, including not only insufficient penis size but also its dysfunction. For this, a special prosthesis is used. There are different types: one-, two- and three-component phalloprostheses.

Installation of gel implants to thicken the penis

The installation of gel implants for thickening the penis is a new technique for enlarging (thickening) the penis. At the moment, experimental operations are being carried out to thicken the penis. The essence of the method is that gel implants are installed between the shaft and the skin of the penis along the dorsal surface, due to which the penis thickens. The operation of installing gel implants is reversible – the implants can be removed at any time.

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How to Enlarge a Penis Without Surgery?

If you do not want to have surgery to increase your penis, some ways can assist you with this without anyone’s help. Many men have tried the following methods, and some of them have been able to achieve the desired result.


These are nutritional supplements, which most often include vitamins, herbal extracts, and sometimes hormones, as well as extracts of all sorts of exotic ingredients such as bear bile. They can help increase the penis, but before taking such pills, be sure to check with your doctor first.

Vacuum pumps

Is there any real way to increase your penis size? You can do this with a vacuum pump. The mechanical impact on the penis causes a rush of blood and slight swelling, so for a while, the penis may look a little enlarged. But it passes quickly. If you use the pumps often, you can damage the tissues of the penis so that it is deformed or erection problems begin.

Creams and lotions

Sometimes these drugs include irritating substances, due to which the penis swells slightly. But this effect, firstly, is temporary, and secondly, unsafe: it is not clear how the organ will react to such irritation. Everything is possible, up to severe allergic reactions.


This method consists in attaching weights or devices called “extenders” (“stretchers”) to the penis. Several small studies have shown that some men have been able to lengthen the penis by 1-3 cm in this way. However, doctors are skeptical about such procedures and insist that the issue requires further study. Only this will help evaluate the effectiveness and, more importantly, the safety of stretch marks.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger With Jelqing?

The real way to increase your size in penis is to do this exercise. The method of lengthening the penis with jelqing came to us from the Middle East. Few people know, but in fact, this is an old Arabic technique, which is a manipulation of the genitals, similar to milking.

There are many variations of such exercises, but there are no “secret” formulas or a universal program. You should select a program individually and stop at the one that will show effectiveness in your case. The reaction of the body under different loads is the main guideline.

Initially, you should engage in jelq in a semi-erection, and then increase the intensity of classes due to the erect state. Cultivate self-discipline in yourself, do such exercises regularly and observe a slow increase.

How the whole process goes:

  • treat the skin with lubricant (relevant for beginners);
  • then create a ring of index and thumb at the base;
  • make a tight grip on the penis with an OK grip;
  • pinch the shaft of the penis and drive the blood towards the head;
  • when the hand comes to the head, with the other hand make an OK grip at the base. The first hand has reached the head – it is released, and the second begins to move.

One approach should last about 10 minutes and consist of about 250 iterations. In general, classes last about 40 minutes a day, and this time includes not only jelq but also other exercises for a more varied load. Growth is not immediately noticeable, so you need to set yourself up to work hard for many months, or even years.

The real way to increase your dick size is to avoid pain and injury, keep a moderate pace and rhythm, and start with wet jelqing. After 6-8 weeks of regular training, it is worth building up an erection for new activities by about 50-70%.

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Real Way to Increase Your Size At Home

On the Internet, we find a lot of articles on how to enlarge a penis at home with folk remedies and methods. However, the effectiveness of alternative medicine is in question, although the reviews of some men who have decided on such experiments indicate a positive result. In the case of folk remedies, you act at your peril and risk. Using various methods of penis enlargement at home, a man must understand that working methods must be confirmed by research and proven at the scientific level.


Some impose compresses with soda and honey, others make baths with soda solution and soda scrubs. Soda can also be taken orally. Efficiency has not been proven and is highly questionable.

Herbal decoctions

The real way to increase your size naturally is with the help of herbs. A decoction of wormwood is used, you can also prepare a garlic tincture (200 g of garlic per 250 ml of good quality alcohol), and an infusion with thyme (100 g per 300 ml of boiling water).

Herbal remedies

The real way to increase your size cock: using herbal remedies. One of the most famous folk methods is rubbing the genitals with aloe juice squeezed from “adult” leaves (which should be cut off at the roots). An alternative is horse chestnut tincture, which you can make yourself or purchase at a regular pharmacy. Infusions of ginseng root, ginkgo leaves, and hawthorn fruit are also on the list of non-traditional “medicine”.

As you can see, there are many ways to enlarge the penis, both through surgery and in-house. The man has only to think and understand whether he needs it, and if you want to increase your dick, then choose the most suitable method for you.

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