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Female U Spot—How to Get the Utmost Pleasure?

Knowing how to please a female U spot may be beneficial for discovering new sexual opportunities and female orgasms. While there are a lot of discussions about G spot, few people know how to answer the question: “What is a female U spot?” According to the National survey of sexual health and behavior, approximately 85% of men report that their partner had a climax at the most recent sexual event. This compares to the 64% of female representatives who notify having had a climax at their most recent sexual event. It is possible to balance these statistics while incorporating the U spot female stimulation in your sex games. Keep reading to learn more about this sensitive area and how to properly approach it to make the best use of your intimacy. 

The Meaning of Female U Spot and How to Stimulate It

It is rather easy to explore the female U spot location. You can find this sensitive area around the urethra below the clitoris. Typically, you will need to tease the urethral opening to reach this erogenous zone to achieve pleasant sensations. It is possible to do it with fingers or incorporate different props into the game (dildos, taps, vibrators, and other sex toys). U spot is a super erogenous zone, so its stimulation can result in squirting. Nevertheless, the total result depends on the specific features of a particular girl, so don’t expect you will squirt after the first session of female woman U spot stimulation. 

A sensitive area is surrounded by numerous nerve endings, so even if you don’t find the spot exactly, teasing this zone will also promote an exciting sensation. Depending on the strength of the touch, it is possible to deliver pleasure or even pain to a woman. Whether you are engaged in mutual masturbation or have solo sex, teasing U spot is an ideal way to diversify your intimate ventures. The key point here is to move properly and adjust the pressure. With the tips described below, you will find out how to properly stimulate the U spot and take full advantage of your sex venture. 

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Incorporate the lubricants into the session

The modern market offers a lot of lubricants to spice up sex sessions. However, when it comes to teasing the female A U G spot, it is better to opt for lubes based on water. Aside from preventing irritation in the vagina, lubricants can help get relaxed during the process of masturbation which results in finding the necessary area faster and its stimulation smoother. Nevertheless, to achieve better results, it is advisable to apply the liquid to both the vagina and vulva. 

Regardless of the tool you use, lube and tender movements are the most effective way to get exciting sensations and emotions. Keep in mind, that you are free to stimulate the U spot female with a penis, sex toy, or fingers. If a toy is your choice, you will need to ensure that it is possible to use it with lube. Some toys aren’t compatible with liquids, which may result in negative consequences for your body. 

Feel free to apply lubricant as much as you like. You can use it several times during the session. The main thing here is to feel comfortable and not to experience pain (unless provoking painful sensations isn’t your primary goal). Here it is necessary to adjust to your body’s needs and fine-tune the movements to deliver the desired sensations. 

Experiment with various poses

If you are all about hindering the chances for climax during the female U spot location stimulation, feel free to experiment with various positions during your sex session. Here are the most common poses that allow you to get closer to the U spot area and stimulate the erogenous zone more effectively. 

  • G-whiz
  • Gee, cowgirl
  • Girl on fire
  • Reverse scoop
  • The soft serve
  • The snake

You can also get inspired by the 25 sex positions for the best sexual intercourse ever to bring yourself and your partner to heights. You can control the duration of your session and adjust the movements. Here everything depends on your and your partner’s desires.

Urinate after the action finishes

It is obligatory for a woman to go to the toilet after discovering the female U spot diagram. The point is that the area where this erogenous zone is located (between the anus and urethra)is super sensitive and vulnerable to different kinds of infections. So, whether you stimulate the U spot with a penis, finger, or toy, you will need to urinate after the intercourse. The last thing you want is to get a bacterial infection after enjoying the experience. If you approach the session with U spot stimulation wisely, you won’t face any negative aftermath in the long run. The best thing you can do is to drink some liquid before the action starts. Thus, most likely, you will visit the toilet as soon as your sex venture finishes. 

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What Are the Benefits of Stimulating the U Spot in a Female?

If you have never gotten involved in teasing the female U spot, you will need to learn all the advantages of this sexual activity for sure. Depending on your partner and the props you use, you can experience even more benefits, but these are the main ones.

  • A new sexual activity will certainly refresh your everyday routine and spice up your relationships.  
  • It is possible to experience a rich spectrum of sensations during the sex game. 
  • Both partners can improve their self-worth after taking the action to the heights. 
  • Even if it is a solo job, it will significantly diversify your intimate sessions. 
  • When you try something new in sex, you explore new possibilities for your body and the body of your partner. 

How to Explore the U Spot in Female Reproductive System?

With the tips given below, you can explore the female U spot without any hassle. Apply them to your next session, and you will see how you change your sexual experience for the better. 

  • Your movements should be super tender. You may touch, rub, or stroke the zone near the U spot. However, keep in mind that you do it as gently as possible. Nevertheless, it is still possible to experiment with touches and pressure to make your sex venture even more unique. 
  • Play orally. Who told you that it is impossible to stimulate the U spot with your tongue? Oral sex is an excellent opportunity to experiment with different activities during your intimacy. However, it is better to avoid sucking since it may provoke painful sensations. 
  • Jazz up your sex journey with a good toy. Aside from fingers or penis, you can use sex toys during the action. From dildos to vibrators — the choice of toys for your intimate journey is just limitless. 
  • Perform the movements correctly. If you use a penis or a vibrator, it is better to do the up and down movements. This is the most effective method to get to the U spot. Avoid circular movements since they may result in irritation. 
  • Discuss the session with your partner. Talking to your partner is essential if you want to achieve success while learning how to find the female U spot and rub it properly. It is necessary to share your emotions during intercourse to make your subsequent experience even more exciting. 
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How to Get an Orgasm During the U Spot Teasing?

Even though the teasing of the U spot may appear a super extraordinary experience for a woman, it doesn’t mean she will reach the climax during its stimulation. Each female is unique and it is difficult to predict whether certain kinds of movements during sex may work for a particular woman. However, it doesn’t mean you should avoid this intimate activity. Girls may achieve wow sensations during the U spot exploration and men may become more confident after such an amazon experience. 

As a lot of female U spot images describe, the approach to this delicate zone should be special and well-elaborated. When you do your job properly, there are high chances to achieve an orgasm. Even if it doesn’t work now, it can work later. Just experiment and never give up if you both like it. 

Final Word

In case you are craving a feeling of novelty in your sexcapades, finding the answer to the question “What is the female U spot?” may be an ideal way to diversify your sexual life. This erogenous zone has a lot of nerve endings, so once you gently touch the U spot, it will lead to fantastic sensations. Ready to take the fullest advantage on your sexual journey? Then study the tips above and good luck in your next sex session. 

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