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I Think I Hate My Wife: What is Going to Be with Our Marriage?

Let’s face it, most guys have a perfect image of marriage in their heads. They are sure that a dating period will last after a honeymoon as well. Every second man is sure that having a wife is cool, and even sometimes comfortable. Among the most common associations are cooking romantic dinners together, drinking coffee in bed on Saturday mornings, meeting friends, and arranging awesome days off in the country. Yes, this is what you surely may have in your marriage, but not only this. At the moment of the first fight in relationship, you understand that you are not a character of a fairy-tale, and that family life is full of numerous ups and downs. Moreover, at some point, you are about to say “I hate my wife”. Is this the end of your romantic story? What next? Let’s find it out. 

Why Do I Hate My Wife? – Top Reasons to Consider

As it has been mentioned above – marriage deals with a number of issues.  This is a range of emotions and states that you are going to face every day. Joy, fun, grief, sadness, pleasure, misunderstanding, and support – are only a few things that will fill your family life. When negative states prevail, you may start to wonder “Why do I hate my wife so much?”. Here are the most common reasons.

Constant fights

All people are different and it’s evident that sometimes you may quarrel with your significant other. However, if you start with small things and then go to more serious issues each time, then it is a bad signal. Everything gets more complicated if the woman begins to criticize your choice, preferences, and decisions. You feel like you stand alone against all difficulties in your life. Regular fights are one of the first reasons that make men wonder about Reddit I hate my wife.

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She aims to change you

Perhaps it is the worst thing that may happen to any person. When your partner doesn’t accept you as you are, and aims to change any of your sides or likes, it is a way to nowhere. At first, you may promise her to think about her words, and try to calm down her in some way. Still, your chances to be happy together are really small. Damaging any of your traits is harmful to both of you even if she doesn’t realize this at the moment. She may say that you are not enough attentive to her, or that you earn not enough, etc.  In other words, she is not ready to accept your personality and wants to change something about you. Well, it is quite natural if you also want these changes. But if not, then you may say: “I hate my wife I hate my life”. 

She decides everything on her own

Usually, partners who are happy, make all decisions together. They are used to discussing everything including kids, house, friends, holidays, purchases, etc. It is not okay to make some decisions on their own. If your spouse acts in a different way, she doesn’t appreciate your relationship. All of a sudden you can learn that you wife has bought tickets to another country, or that your younger son now attends a football club. This is what may irritate any guy who eventually will say “Sometimes I hate my wife”. 

Your sexual life is of bad quality

Physical closeness is not less important than an emotional one. Of course, it is evident that in a few years after the wedding, your intimacy won’t be the same as at the beginning.  Now you do not know how to ask for a blowjob, or try a new sex position. Day by day the spark between you two decreases. You regularly deal with rejection and indifference. What man on Earth will put up with it? Perhaps no one. As a result, you are more prone to admit “I hate my wife and want to leave her”.

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She is not interested in saving relationship

Have you noticed that your lady is indifferent? Is it you who constantly contribute to the relationship and do not see any feedback? You are involved in all issues related to your family like children, householding chores, and paying bills. etc. What about her? Does she ask what is a priority for your union right now? Does she do important things about the house? If instead, your woman is busy with her personal stuff or work, then you may end up with “I hate my wife and want a divorce”.

She doesn’t mind financial expenditures

Many guys to one interesting conclusion when they take the” Do I hate my wife quiz”. They suddenly realize that they are not satisfied with financial expenditures. It means that their spouse doesn’t care about money or any other responsibilities. Such a woman is crazy about purchasing some unnecessary but very expensive stuff. Maybe it is quite okay from time to time, but not regularly. After all spending time should be mindful, and ignoring this rule may destroy your relationship in the long run. 

She doesn’t respect you 

This is a very popular reason why guys say “I hate my life I hate my wife”. No man with good self-esteem wouldn’t agree with complete disrespect. If your spouse doesn’t treat you like an equal person, it should be a red flag for you. Agree that even a small kid wants everybody to respect them. It is even more crucial for a guy. He requires it a lot. Otherwise, his self-confidence begins to decrease, and he doesn’t feel like he can achieve something at work or in any other sphere. This is how most I hate my wife jokes appear. Both partners should have equal rights and responsibilities.

What Do I Do If I Hate My Wife?

Of course, all couple faces certain difficulties during their lifetime, but they should not become something normal for the family. Once some men realize the problem, they start to read I hate my wife Reddit to find the solution to this problem. If you also want to pick up a few efficient recommendations on I hate my wife what should I do, then go on reading. 

1. Spend more time together

It happens that people stop spending quality time together and discuss their routines. They just live under the same roof and do not care about each other because of a busy schedule or tiredness. That’s why specialists recommend devoting more time and attention to the partner. Plan a nice weekend together and ask your relatives to stay with the kids so that you can recall a spark with your wife. Take any opportunity to surprise her and show your care. Do not wait for the first step and be the first who does something for the sake of your love and family. Soon, you will see first positive improvements, and get inspiration to spend even more time together.  

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2. Set your family rules

You may deal with the issue “I think I hate my wife” just because you have not discussed what is accepted and not accepted in your family. Start with a frank conversation to establish your family rules. It will let both of you understand how to act in this or that situation. As a result, you will avoid making common mistakes, and feel more confident. When everything is clear, the chances to say “I hate my wife what do I do” decreases greatly. So, let your spouse know how would you like your family to exist, and what things are not okay for you to live with. 

3. Distance yourself for a while

What should I do if I hate my wife? It is recommended to leave for some time. This way you will avoid making widespread mistakes, and have some space to rethink everything. It is the best idea for guys who do not know what to do next. Use this time to work out some plan or make a good decision. After staying a few days without your spouse, you may start to miss her and look at everything from another angle. After all, short-term separation may only play into your hands. 

4. Reach a professional therapist

In case you can do nothing about “I hate my wife but I love my kid”, it would be better to approach a family therapist.  A specialist may help you find the necessary answers and a final solution to your problem. The chances for a positive result in case you take your wife to a session will be higher. Of course, you should not say directly “I hate my wife sometimes”. You can tell it beforehand so that your spouse doesn’t hear this phrase from you. 

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5. Face the truth

Well, let’s imagine that you realize the reasons which make you say “I hate my wife”. Moreover, you tried to follow above – mentioned recommendations to save your relationship. But unfortunately, nothing helped. It would sound terrible, but yes, sometimes it is better to leave. You should realize that life is too short to put up with things that make you unhappy.  Maybe it is better to end this relationship to let both of you be happy.

Summing – up

Our life is full of constant unexpectancies. You never know what will happen tomorrow or what your love story will be in a few years. Recent statistics say that most marriages end up with a divorce. Unfortunately, the percentage of men who say “I hate my wife and I hate being married” is high.  Even those couples who seem to be completely happy may announce their divorce the next day. That’s why you need to be aware of the reasons for hating your spouse and the ways to deal with all that stuff. We sincerely hope that you will make the right decision which will make you happy

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