truth or dare questions for couples

Good Truth or Dare Questions For Couples

If you want to make yourself a party where there will be a game of Truth or Dare, it is better to prepare and watch freaky truth or dare questions for couples to make your party more exciting and entertaining.

Often people are afraid to play this game because many people are secretive and don’t want to reveal much about themselves. But good questions can help couples in a relationship. Since they can learn a lot about each other, this information will assist them in the future.

There is a ‘select call’ function, thanks to which you can not answer uncomfortable questions and answer others. Also, such an action can deepen the bonds between couples.

Since people often need more imagination to come up with some incredibly cool questions, we did it for you. In our article, you will find many good truth-or-dare questions for couples. But first, let’s find out how to play this game correctly.

How to Play Truth or Dare for Couples?

Truth or Dare for couples is considered one of the best games and has been very popular for a long time. The game itself is often played by a vast number of participants who will either perform actions or tell the truth. Each participant must give the other participant a choice between truth and dare.

If a player wants to choose to answer a question, the other player must ask a question and wait for an answer. The player who answered will be the next to ask truth or dare. The game can go on for a long time, but all players must take part in the game.

Let’s look at a small number but the most popular variations of this game:

  • Truth or drink questions for couples
  • Sexual truth or dare
  • Truth or dare questions in relationships

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Rules to Consider Before Start

Freaky truth or dare questions for couples

Before you play and ask questions, you should familiarize yourself with the most important rules of this game. Since thanks to these rules, it will be much easier for you to play, and you will avoid some unpleasant conversations.

  1. Always start with the question ‘Truth or Dare.’
  2. If you are asked a question and choose the truth, always answer sincerely and do not try to deceive anyone.
  3. Do not ask difficult and painful questions since your partner may harm themselves.
  4. Players must always be open-minded regardless of the questions asked, or the answers received.
  5. To make the game much easier and more enjoyable, use the bottle, which must be placed in the middle of the circle. This way, you can choose players.
  6. Also, if you want to avoid playing with the bottle, players can take turns asking questions.
  7. Make a penalty before the start of the game to those people who do not want to answer some questions or perform an action.

And now, let’s move on to the questions themselves, and we will start from the most popular topic: ‘dirty truth or dare for couples questions.

Dirty truth or dare questions for couples

What are some juicy truth questions? Tricky and dirty questions help diversify the life of couples, and for the game, such questions significantly diversify the game itself.

  1. In what weird place did you have sex with your partner?
  2. Have you ever cleared your history because you were afraid that someone would see it?
  3. What was the most awkward moment with your partner? Describe it.
  4. Have you had endurance without sex and a partner for a year?
  5. What do you think of your partner’s body hair?
  6. Have you worn underwear of the opposite sex or your partner?
  7. Have you dreamed of pouring honey on your partner’s body and then licking it?
  8. What part of your ex’s body did you find more attractive, and what do you miss and why?
  9. Have you rented indecent photos of yourself to your ex-partner?
dirty truth or dare for couples questions

Truth or dare questions for couples over facetime

  1. What gift you received from your partner is strange to you?
  2. In what awkward and weird place did you have your first date that turned out to be a flop?
  3. Do you feel fear at some point because of your partner?
  4. Have you ever experienced discomfort next to your soulmate? Tell me what this place and situation are.
  5. All people lie, and it’s true. Have you ever lied to your partner? 
  6. Tell us about your wildest fantasies that you would like to fulfill with your partner.
  7. Have you ever checked your partner’s phone out of distrust?
  8. Have you ever had some kind of situation in a relationship where one of the partners wanted to end the relationship?
  9. Who in your relationship was the initiator of the first kiss?
  10. Have you had any moments when you realized that you were madly missing your ex?
  11. At what age did you have your first partner?
  12. Have you ever felt hatred towards your partner’s parents for some situation?
  13. Why can you break up or divorce your partner?
  14. Take your partner’s phone and check it.
  15. If not for your partner, who would you marry?

Truth or Dare Sexually Questions for Couples

Truth or dare sexually questions for couples

To make the evening more intense and exciting, ask dirty questions to couples.

  1. Have you had a terrible partner? Why do you think so?
  2. What turns you on in porn?
  3. Does size matter?
  4. What kind of people do you like in bed: loud or quiet?
  5. What categories of porn do you like the most?
  6. Have you ever had to fake an orgasm?
  7. What fetishes do you have?
  8. What parts of the body and your partner’s activities turn you on?
  9. Have you ever been caught masturbating? Who was it, and where?
  10. If it so happened that all their lives, they could have sex in only one position, then what kind of position would it be?
  11. What awkward moments did you have when you had sex?
  12. What is the riskiest and weird place you have had sex?
  13. Have you ever filmed a sex tape?
  14. What song do you play the most when you have sex?
  15. What’s the weirdest and most interesting one-night stand you’ve had?

Naughty Truth or Dare Game Questions for Couples

What are good dares for couples

If a person does not want to answer the truth question, then they can drink some kind of drink.

  1. Have you ever swum naked in a public pool?
  2. Have you ever had your heart broken?
  3. At what age did you have your first kiss, and who was it with?
  4. Have you ever kissed in a library where you could be caught at any moment?
  5. Have you been stalking your ex?
  6. What gender masseur do you like best?
  7. Have you accidentally sent intimate photos to your colleague or another person who shouldn’t have seen them?
  8. Have you ever had your heart broken?
  9. What do you most dislike doing at home?
  10. How many serious relationships have you had?
  11. Have you ever found someone of the same sex to be beautiful?
  12. Do you turn on the smell of my perfume?
  13. Have you spread rumors about someone you don’t like?
  14. Which of my friends do you not mind talking to, and which one do you despise and hate?
  15. Have you been in a relationship or had sex with someone older than you?

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Multiple Actions for a Game of Truth or Dare

What are some juicy truth questions

What are good dares for couples? What are they? We have prepared for you a small list of actions that you can use when you play.

  1. Spank yourself and your significant other five times.
  2. Do housework only in pajamas.
  3. Draw the alphabet in the air with your lips.
  4. Write a dirty and vulgar text message to a friend, but you can only use emoticons.
  5. You need to twerk to soft music until the song ends and a new one starts.
  6. Dance on an imaginary pole.


When you immerse yourself in the game of truth or dare with your partner, you can learn a lot about your partner and improve your relationship through it. We hope you enjoy our truth or dare questions and use them the next time you play. Mind rules and do not overdo with your questions, as you simply may harm your connection instead of making it stronger. 

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