Words to Make Her Wet and Hot for You Easily

If you have met a charming lady online or got acquainted with a beautiful woman during nude vacation, you probably want to keep the fire. Luckily, you shouldn’t be close to her to spice up things and show your interest. There are plenty of words to make her wet and wild for you. Knowing what makes girls wet will help you decrease the distance and have a great time together. At times when it is difficult to imagine a person without a smartphone, it’s easy to reach your goal. But remember to be careful not to look weird. You need to know how to make her wet with words correctly. This guide will provide you with all the important information and prevent you from making awful mistakes. 

Dirty Words to Make Her Wet: When to Use

First of all, you should realize that sending a wet massage is definitely a crazy idea if you have just got acquainted. To use quotes to make her wet, you need to have a very developed relationship. Agree, it would look strange if the girl gets a message with hot words and offers if you know each other a little. Such an idea is more suitable in case you want to take your communication to the next level. So, let’s discover words to text a girl to make her wet and improve your relationship.

30 sexy words to make a woman wet in bed and need a cock to fuck her

Top Text Messages to Make Her Want You

When you know for sure what makes women wet, you get closer to the final goal. Here are a few great examples of texts that you can send to your special one:

  1. You are getting sexier every new day. 
  2. I am striving to kiss your neck and touch your belly. 
  3. I dream to see you naked right now and touch every centimeter of your horny body. 
  4. I look forward to tasty your sweet pussy and make you hot with my lips. 
  5. Your body is perfect and it makes me crazy every time I see you naked. 
  6. I have never met such a sexy woman as you are.
  7. Right now my dick wants to be inside you.
  8. I think your sweet body should have a separate Instagram account. 
  9. I wish to be right by your side now and touch your belly.
  10. I dream to ride you slowly. 
  11. Can I eat you for the breakfast? 
  12. What are you dressed in now?
  13. Last night I had a hot dream about you. I was completely wet. 
  14. Your butt makes my heart beat faster. 
  15. I want to see you lying naked and asking me to go inside you.
  16. Baby, come over. I want to tell how sexy you are.
  17. I dream to feel your lips on my neck and lips. 
  18. I want to taste your body and kiss your pussy slowly. 
  19. You are the hottest woman in my life. 
  20. Can you please do a blowjob? You are the best at it.
  21. Oh, dear. Why are you so sexy and hot? 
  22. I am getting crazy when you touch me. 
  23. The best thing in the world for me is eating your sweet pussy. 
  24. I can’t get you out of my mind, you are so seductive. 
  25. Let’s play tonight, my sexy lady?
  26. Do you understand how attractive and sexy you are?
  27. I dream to lick your pussy till the morning. 
  28. I want you badly, come to my hands right now. 
  29. I have an erection when I imagine you by my side. 
  30. Would you like to play with my toy tonight? 
how to make a girl wet over text

Seductive Words to Make a Woman Wet on Her Pussy

Are you seeking more words to tell my girlfriend to make her wet? We do not promise to provide you with 33 words to make her wet but at least a few nice ideas are here:

  1. I can’t take my eyes off your picures. You are so sexy in this red dress.
  2. I look forward to eating your pussy tonight. 
  3. I want to touch your skin and whisper how seductive you are. 
  4. I hope we can exercise tonight a little bit. What do you think?
  5. The most gorgeous neck that I have ever kissed is yours. 
  6. What are you wearing tonight, my pretty?
  7. I want to run my tongue along your body, and lick every part of it.
  8. I’m dreaming of fuck you on the kitchen table. 
  9. I want to be inside you, don’t you mind?
  10. I want to try all positions I know to drive you crazy throughoutout the night. 
  11. I have just got up and the first thing I wanted was your sweet pussy. 
  12. I wish you are here to suck you off. 
  13. You look amazing when you orgasm. I want to see it again and again. 
  14. I want to feel you badly right now, my babe. 
  15. I like watching you to touch yourself. 
  16. You must be punished for being so bad girl last night.
  17. I am ready to give everything I have to fuck you right now.
  18. I love your legs and belly so badly that I can’t want to touch your body again. 
  19. I am so shy to say it but you even do not realize how hot you make me.
  20. I love to hear your moans when I am licking your pussy. 

Benefits of Text Messages that Make Her Wet

If you have never sent dirty words to tell her to make her wet and you are wondering whether they make any sense, then let’s look at their advantages:

  • Erotic naughty words to make her wet may help you express all ideas and thoughts that are you in head but you feel too shy to share them
  • Erotic messages can help you cope with the distance and decrease related stress
  • Dirt words to say to my girl to make her wet online is a great way to diverse your communication
  • Love words to make her wet act as good way to exercise before real meeting and horny night
  • If you have some tension in relationship, erotic words to make her wet, will let you get rid of it
how to make her wet with words

Rules on How to Make Her Wet from Words 

It seems that words to text her first thing in the morning to make her wet all day are easy to use in the era of modern technologies. But actually, it is not so. Perhaps you want to show that you are into a definite lady, but still, not to look like a crazy man who sends hot messages all the time. These simple rules on using words to tell her and make her wet will surely be helpful for you. 

Don’t write nasty words to make her wet too often 

Sending regular messages is not cute especially if you have just begun your way together. Remember that every person has their own life, with hobbies, chores, and other responsibilities. If you want to include words to make a woman wet when you are not with her in your message, then be careful. Do not overdo it. Mind the quantity of using you make me wet quotes. Let the lady feel exciting when she gets your messages, instead of annoying. The quality of wet love texts is as crucial as quantity. 

text to make her wet

Mind the schedule 

In case you do not want to be irritating with words to use to make her wet, you can consider creating a schedule. It means you will write erotic messages with respect of a woman’s timetable. For instance, you can use words to text make her wet early in the morning, when the girl is in bed. This way, you will let her feel special, cheer her up, and still do not disturb her. What makes a girl wetter? Sweet and touching messages that keep her interested. As a result, she will always look forward to getting texts from you. Moreover, it may become a part of her daily routine. 

Don’t insist on answering your make her wet quotes

It goes without saying that ignoring your messages can greatly hurt your ego. Things are getting more complicated when you decide to openly express your frank thoughts and ideas. But let’s face the truth. Not all people can answer immediately. They may be busy at work. Hence, answering the message with text you make me wet, is not always possible. You should put up with it, and avoid blaming your girlfriend. Maybe she doesn’t have time or opportunity to answer you at once, or she feels shy. You can discuss it later when it will be a suitable moment for you. 

Avoid sounding too dirty 

It is good to clarify your feelings and emotions not to get into a friend zone. But mind, there is a huge difference between words to tell a lady to make her wet that sound flirty in comparison to dirty context. Pay compliments on her every time to show your interest and say how much you miss her. This way, you will get a boresome away. At the same time, avoid sounding too dirty, and sending pictures of your dick. Let everything be slow and develop naturally. You will understand when it is suitable to include words to make her vagina wet. 

how to make a women wet

Add suitable emojis 

Things to say to make her wet in the message may not be caught in the right way, because a girl can’t see your facial expression. But you can add emotions and a necessary tone to the text by including suitable emojis. As a result, the text will sound properly and the lady will understand everything well. The most popular emojis along with 5 words to make her wet are kiss emoji, wink emoji, etc. This way, you will quickly render your thoughts and ideas that drive you crazy. 

Be light

First, you want your conversation to be light and engaging, with a tiny hint of erotic. Then, you can start with 10 words to make her wet, and increase speed step by step. Soon, you will go far away, and notice that your communication has changed. Still, it is important to keep it light, and do not put any pressure. Mind the boundaries of each other, and enjoy chatting.

girl getting wet

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many words to tell my girlfriend to make her pussy wet. You can choose any of the discussed ideas or come up with your own erotic massage. The most important point here is to mind common rules not to offend her. Please, make sure that the level of your relationship allows you to send words to say to make her wet. Move slowly to keep your lady interested. Mind that almost every wet and horny woman will give you more in return. So, take advantage of things to say to make a girl wet, and enjoy close communication with your woman.

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