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female sex tourism

All Truth About Female Sex Tourism

The times when only men could enjoy the opportunities that are provided by sex tourism are far away. Now women have equal rights and opportunities for having a great time. What is female sex tourism? …
sex in europe

The European Geography of Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a journey abroad, that a man or a woman makes to satisfy their sexual fantasies and needs. Entertainment like that will surely provide you with an opportunity to get sexual service in …
sex in vietnam

Is There Sex Tourism in Vietnam?

Prostitution in Vietnam exists but the government officially bans it. Therefore, no one catches tourists by the hand, does not pull them into special sex salons, as it usually happens in Thailand. In Vietnam, priestesses …
sex tourism types

Sex Tourism Types That You Can Try

Before, the exotic sex tourism geography attracted only men who were in search of new vivid feelings and pleasant acquaintances. The times are changing and now you can see plenty of ladies who leave the …
sex tourism in russia

All You Should Know About Sex Tourism in Russia

Earlier, people associated sex tourism mainly with Amsterdam, Vietnam, etc. Nowadays, people are seeking new places to get unforgettable experiences and widen their horizons. Russia keeps attracting guests from all over the world who want …
developimg countries

Why Sex Tourism Exists in Developing Countries?

Today, we can observe a tendency of extending the European geography of sex tourism that becomes popular with people of different ages and nations. We can describe sex tourism as Sun, Sand, Surf, and Sex …