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sex museums

8 World Sex Museums That are Worth Visiting

Aiming to breathe life to routine days, adventure-seekers are discovering sex tourism geography. Still, besides looking for partners to have unforgettable sex experience, there is a lot of things to do in a new country …
chinese secual tradition

Everything About Chinese Sexual Traditions

Chinese sexual traditions go back a long way. For the Chinese, religion, and science have left a big imprint on their sex life. What other nations considered to be normal, like masturbation, Chinese recognized as …

Who are Mysterious Geishas: Experts Know

Refined, mysterious, beautiful, and exciting geishas are one of the most famous symbols of Japan. Their lifestyle and skill gave rise to more than one myth, but the whole truth has never become finally clear …
ancient greece

Homosexual Education in Ancient Greece

The attitude to marriage and sex is changing over time. People may not accept things today that they accepted before. Are you are interested in history and want to widen your horizons while discovering sex …

Shunga as a Kind of Japan Erotic Art

As you already know, Japan’s sex industry is diverse. Shunga is one of the most interesting directions in erotic history development. Nowadays there are still a lot of people who haven’t stopped admiring it. This …